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The cost of overnight computers

Posted by g3tech on June 26, 2007

Thirty percent of corporate computers are not switched off at night (according to a study done by 1E, a power management company). So, what’s the cost of leaving computers on overnight? Well, it costs 1.72 billion dollars and 14.4 million metric tons of CO2.

Somehow, people see shutting off their computers, or at the very least putting them into sleep mode, as too much trouble. This problem was supposed to be resolved by Vista, but Vista’s “power management features” doesn’t seem to be doing much.

 1E also calculated that that massive energy saving could be acheived if you install their software (up to $75 per PC).

Now, if only 1E would help this problem by shutting off their computers instead of calculating all sorts of things. But, if it takes a power management company to get everyone to stop wasting all this energy then I, for one, am behind them, all the way.

Or, for those of us who wish to save that $75, then you can get this free software, which is supposed to reduce your CO2 emissions by as much as 10% so check it out.

The US PC energy report has found some of the following interesting facts:

– Out of 104 million office PCs in the US, at least 31.2 million are left on all night.

– Turning off every work computer in the United States every night would save as much CO2 emissions as taking every car in the state of Maryland off the road.

– The simple step of shutting computers down each night can save a 10,000 PC enterprise more than $165,000 a year in energy costs.

To read the whole report, click here.

To calculate how much energy, money and CO2 YOU waste each year, click here


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