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Waterproof Gadgets

Posted by g3tech on June 26, 2007

Well, here’s some gadgets that are durable, not to mention waterproof.

The Sanyo Xacti Blue Video Camera ($499 U.S.) is a video camera that is waterproof up to 5 feet, but only for an hour. Perfect for capturing moments on vacation or just in the backyard, this video camera is ultra-compact and it can record high-quality videos and take 6 megapixel pictures. It records video in MPEG-4 format and reduces the video size by 25% along with imporved video quality over other MPEG-4 videos. No need to spend money on tapes or DVDs, it records to standard SD memory cards or SDHC cards. It is available in 3 colors: blue, yellow and white.

Sanyo E1 (Blue)Sanyo E1 (Blue)

Casio G’zOne Type-S Cell Phone, available only through Verizon Wireless. The new Casio G’zOne Type-S, which replaces the the type V from last year, is built for those oudoorsy people who need more durable products. This phone does not only meet Military Standards specifications for durability but it is also waterproof, shock resistant and dust resistant. For those that are planing to get lost somewhere, this phone includes an LED flashlight and a navigation system. Oh, let’s not forget the 2 megapixel camera.

Casio G’zOne Type-SCasio G’zOne Type-S

Casio G’zOne Type-S

Nixon 51-30 ($400 U.S.) is a very stylish yet sporty watch, with the ability to handle a water depth of 300 meters. The watch is swiss-made and is stainless steel and has a tide indicator. Available in 2 colors: with a white face or a black face.

 Nixon 51-30 (black face)

Fisher Space Pens (price ranges from $20 to $100 U.S. depending on the model) are extraordinary pens, which since 1950, have earned the Fisher Space Pen Company a reputation for producing the most innovative and dependable writing objects, anywhere on Earth. Unlike ordinary ball pens, which rely on gravity to feed the ink, the replaceable Space Pen cartridge is pressurised, meaning the user can write at any angle, even upside down! The life of a Space Pen is over 100 years, and if that wasn’t enough, it can write on wet surfaces, pictures and even underwater!

Fisher Space Pen (used on all manned NASA voyages)

Corsair Survivor ($59.99 U.S. for a 4GB or $129.99 U.S. for a 8GB) is a military rugged USB flash drive. It was designed and engineered to be the industry’s toughest USB drive. If that’s not enough, it’s also water resistant up to 200 meters. The Corsair Survivor is shock-resistant and 5 times faster than other drives. There are two models: the Corsair Survivor GT which is 8GB and the Corsair Survivor which is 4GB.

Corsair Survivor GT

How would you like to be able to listen to music while kayaking or while swimming? Introducing, the Freestyle Audio Sport MP3 Player. It’s designed to let you run an active lifestyle, regardless the activity, intensity or destination. That’s why the Freestyle Audio Sport is both shockproof and waterproof and submersible up to 10 feet and is ultra lightweight. It has an amazing battery life of 30 hours and can hold either 320 songs (1GB version) or 160 songs (512MB version).

Freestyle Audio Sport (1GB version)

GoPRO’s Digital HERO 3 ($139.99 U.S.), is an all-season, all-sport, wrist camera, engineered to make it easy to take pictures and video during any activity, whether it’s mild or extreme. The Digital HERO 3 has a 3 megapixel camera and can take tv-resolution videos (at 30 frames/sec), with sound. It’s also both shockproof and waterproof up to 100 feet. It carries 16MB of memory and can also hold a 2GB SD flash card for more storage (a 2GB SD card can hold more than 2500 pictures or up to 54 minutes of continuous video). As for battery life, the “always on” mode lasts 3+ hours.

Digital HERO 3

Otterbox makes the most rugged waterproof boxes on the market, which are waterproof up to 100 feet. Just in case you’re exposed to the elements, make sure your valuables are in an otterbox. These boxes are waterproof, they will float and, most amazingly, they are crushproof! Many different versions exist, for example, small ones (for storing keys, credit cards, etc…) ones for storing PDAs, for storing Ipods, and ones for storing laptops.

Otterbox for a PDA

You may just want an Otterbox to protect your iPhone, which brings me to my next post…


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