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First iPhone reviews

Posted by g3tech on June 27, 2007

Walt Mossberg, of the Wall Street Journal, who I spoke about in a previous post, and David Pogue, of the New York Times, are the first people to review the iPhone.


Their verdict? They both love it.

Mossberg is the more ethusiastic of the two. He calls it a “beautiful and breakthrough handheld computer” (note: he calls it a computer, not a phone). He uses lots of big words (probably from a thesaurus), which all pretty much say how the phones (and its features) are the best he’s ever tested. At first, he had a lot of trouble, as many (or most) people will, with the keyboard, and after three days he was ready to “throw it out the window”, but after five days he had grown to love it. His only real drawback was that it’s an AT&T-only device. And AT&T’s EDGE service, he complains, is too slow for the hardcore user. (Note: It’s locked so that you can’t put in your own SIM card).

Pogue is a bit more negative, but says pretty much the same things as Mossberg. He says that the glass screen didn’t scratch as bad as he’d feared, but it’s fast and beautiful and he wants it to bear his children. He loves the voice mail system but complains that simple things (like making a call) take more button-pressing than usual. And, like Mossberg, he loves the web browser, but Pogue complains that the battery life isn;t as good as Apple promised, especially with video. He also complains about the lack of voice dialing, instant messaging, and a memory card slot (although no Apple product has EVER had a memory card slot). He also points out that when you buy a 4GB or an 8GB iPhone, not to forget that 700MB will be consumed by the iPhone’s operating system. (I don’t think anyone else even thought of that point). He continues, and complains about the keyboard (“The BlackBerry won’t be going away anytime soon”). And of course he absolutely hates the AT&T network.

So these two just say the same thing that everyone was thinking: about the keyboard and about the network. But just give the keyboard a week before you give up on it. But in the end, either you get it or you don’t.

For Walt Mossberg’s full review, click here (his site) or here (Wall Street Journal)

For David Pogue’s full review, click here (New York Times)

To read USA Today’s review, click here


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