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New movies in theaters

Posted by g3tech on June 28, 2007


Stars: Brad Garrett, Lou Romano, Patton Oswalt…

The Plot: A Parisian rat with a sophisticated palate makes him his in an upscale restaurant that is ruled by an eccentric, world-famous chef.

My Take: Well, it’s one for the kids and it’s certainly highly anticipated. I think it just might live up to all the buzz.

Live Free or Die Hard

Stars: Bruce Willis, Justin Long

The Plot: John McClane (Willis) takes on an Internet-based terrorist organization who is systematically shutting down the United States.

My Take: This is certainly a forgotten franchise, back when Willis had hair, and I can say, as of right now, I’m not rushing out to go see it. The cast is also not that strong (the guy from the Mac commercials? C’mon.). And the plot seems to be the same as every other movie ever created.


Stars: Michael Moore

The Plot: An exposé on the inner workings of America’s health-care system.

My Take: Without a doubt, a massively talked-about, controversial film, where supposedly employees from top drug companies supplied Moore with memos, first-hand accounts, data, etc; while at the same time, these same companies circulated tip sheets on what to do in case of a Michael Moore attack. Also in the news, hackers managed to post the entire film a couple of weeks in advance. Well, the question is, will the movie be as well received as Fahrenheit 9/11 or end up in the trash? We’ll see soon.


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