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So You Think You Can Dance – Top 16

Posted by g3tech on June 28, 2007

After Faina and Jimmy went home last week, I was really disappointed that Cedric had not gotten eliminated (yet again!)

Well, anyways, here’s what happened in that magical world, we call dance:

Last night, the top 16 danced (actually, it was 15, more on that later):

The guest judge this week, was Debbie Allen, who most people know from Fame (was first a movie in 1980, then became a very popular tv show that ran from ’82 to ’87. She won two Emmys and a Golden Globe and runs “The Debbie Allen Dance Academy“)

1) Sara & Jesús started the show with a krumping routine choreographed by Lil’ C, to the song “It’s Okay (One Blood)” by The Game (ft. Jr. Read). They hit the stage with a bang, dressed in matching jeans, white shoes and red t-shirts, and bring a lot of energy and a great attitude. The judges were all wowed.

My verdict: Krumping may have been new to both of them, but they’re Safe!

2) New couple Shauna & Cedric got a Mia Michaels’ contemporary piece, which they danced to The Family Stand’s “I Thought We Had”. They get onto the stage and start their little acting routine (which included Cedric crying in the corner while Shauna danced an amazing solo). Debbie Allen praises them and says how Cedric is an inspiration to other boys to dance (and offers him a scholarship to her school after he gets eliminated). Mary says it wasn’t good enough and says that it’s Cedric’s time to leave. Nigel says that he agrees with both of them: Cedric is an inspiration and that it just wasn’t good enough, (and he talks about how sometimes judges make mistakes, like saving Cedric last week, and then he mentions Paris Hilton’s jail sentence). (Anyways, both Mary and Nigel pretty much say “Cedric you’re outta here!”)

My verdict: Their dance was about “the beginning of ends and the celebration of goodbye’s”, well I think it’s time to say good bye to Cedric – Bottom 3!

3) Lacey & Kameron are up next, and they’re dancing a Tony Meredith piece, the infamous quickstep, (otherwise known as “The Kiss of Death”, as you may remember from pretty much everyone’s attempts at this “kryptonite” dance last season). And Kameron’s mohawk is gone this week (I miss his mohawk!). This might just be the best quickstep and the only successful quickstep, to ever be performed on the show.

My verdict: This couple is stronger than superman and always entertaining – Safe!

4) Anya & Danny are going to be dancing a Dan Karaty hip hop routine to the song “Oh Timbaland”, by, you guessed it, Timbaland. The choreography is pretty cool and of course the judges agree, they’re totally just drooling over Danny.

My verdict: I think it was pretty good, but they just might be in danger – Bottom 3!

5) The first rumba ever to be performed on the show, is going to be danced by none other than Sabra & Dominic. They get to learn it from Jean-Marc (and his bright red-headed wife), and dance to the Pussycat Dolls’ song “Stickwitu” (interesting song choice, I’m not sure how the Pussycat Dolls make you think of the rumba but anyways….) They really nailed it and the crowd was freaking out. Dominic really impressed. Debbie delays to create some tension then screams for the fire department because it was so hot, Mary loved it (this included A LOT of screaming) and Nigel did too.

My verdict: I think we’re gonna “Stickwitu” another week – Safe.

6) Next up, Lauren & Neil, they picked the tango and will be taught by Jean-Marc, to the song “Tanguera” by Sexteto Mayor. It was a game of cat & mouse, but they couldn’t completely sell it to the judges. Mary says that it was ok but there was some problem with the footwork and Nigel tells Neil that he overdanced but he dances “like a dude”. The judges agreed that the intro may have been the best part, and they both look hot.

My verdict: I really like Lauren & Neil, but they might be in danger tonight – Bottom 3.

7) Wade Robson, king of abstract and unique dance pieces, will be teaching Jaimie & Hok, a jazz piece, to the song “The Chairman’s Waltz” from Memoirs of a Geisha. Jaimie is supposed to be a flower and Hok is supposed to be a hummingbird. Hok does some insect-like twitches and is really sharp with his moves and Jaimie is being really powerful (and trying not to kill Hok with her razor sharp hair spikes).

My verdict: You know the story with the birds & the bees? Well, anyways, they were great – Safe.

8) Last up is none other than Jessi & Pasha, who will be dancing the Cha Cha, which is choreographed by Tony Meredith, and will be dancing to the song “Let’s Get Loud” by J-Lo. It’s supposed to be really hot, will it? Lets see. Wait!!! What’s this?!?!? Jessi is in an ambulance, she’s having trouble breathing and has to stay in the hospital. I don’t know what to say, Jessi won’t be dancing tonight. Pasha’s gonna have to show his skills without her, and he’s wearing a sleeveless shirt, I’m sure the ladies are happy. Pasha nails the dance (and gets a standing ovation). I almost forgot, because Jessi wasn’t there, Pasha was dancing with a replacement partner, Tony Meredith’s assistant, who’s at least 15 years older than Jessi, but Pasha pulls it off. The judges loved it (and I’m sure every teenage girl did too).

My verdict: Pasha’s gonna be safe.

Note: no matter what happens, Jessi will perform a solo tonight, if she is unable to perform then she will be CUT!

The bottom 3(1/2) couples: Shauna & Cedric, Lauren & Neil, and Anya & Danny and Jessi

Who’s going home?: Guys – Cedric, Girls – I don’t want any of the girls to go home (but it could be Jessi if she’s not there).

Tune in to Fox at 9 to see who goes home (And Fergie’s performing “Glamorous” FYI).


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