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Last Minute iPhone News

Posted by g3tech on June 29, 2007

Here’s a roundup of what’s hitting the wires this morning, if the iPhone’s on your shopping list. First, Apple now says it may not have enough phones to meet demand. Early reports said Apple would have up to 3 million phones available on day one, but that appears to have been overstated. Now Steve Jobs is saying that the company might not have enough phones to meet demand. I’ve heard other comments (also unofficial) that stocks could run out by Monday. But there’s no need to stand in line for one: You can order the iPhone online for delivery to your home or office!

Curiously, reports are surfacing that AT&T has managed to boost the speed of its much-maligned EDGE network, possibly doubling it. At 200kbps, the service would still be fairly slow (only four times dialup), but easily twice what standard EDGE gives you. This has been a major complaint in early reviews of the iPhone. AT&T seems to have been taking a brute force approach to increasing the speed of the EDGE network by simply running more cable to its cell towers. The results aren’t the 3Mbps or so of real 3G services, but every little bit helps.

Business users who want to get work email on the iPhone can rejoice now, as the iPhone can indeed support Microsoft Exchange email, provided you make the appropriate arrangements.

Meanwhile, the “Apple Faithful” are lining up like lambs to the slaughter at Apple stores around the country. The scene at these stores is obviously expected to be a madhouse. If you want a better shot at a short wait for the iPhone and you absolutely have to have it tonight, then go to an AT&T store, which will almost certainly be far less crowded. 

I’ll post more iPhone reviews soon, so check back!!!


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