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SYTYCD – Top 16 (Elimination) – Shocking!

Posted by g3tech on June 29, 2007

Wow! Last night sure was one hell of a night! I couldn’t believe two of the things that happened last night (as I’m sure many people are): 1) Cedric wasn’t in the bottom 3!!! I couldn’t believe that Cedric wasn’t in the bottom, it wouldn’t have hurt so much if he’d had been in the bottom, but not gotten eliminated. I’m afraid this show is now turning into American Idol (Sanjaya anyone?). 2) The judges eliminated Jessi!!! Not only was she CLEARLY not the worst soloist, she’s always done really great together with Pasha. And not only that but Nigel eliminates her without any kind of explination, and I sure was shocked I had really liked her and Pasha together (great chemistry!). Cat was shocked, Jessi was shocked and I was damn shocked to death (I shouldn’t have been sitting in an electric chair…)

Anyway, back to my recap, here’s what went down on the dance floor last night:

The group dance this week was another African-type dance thing by Tyce DiOrio (I think Tyce really likes this African/Jazz type dance) to the Lion King’s “The Lioness Hunt”.

And now we find out the bottom 3 couples: First set of couples: Lauren & Neil and Lacey & Kameron. Which one’s in the bottom? Lauren & Neil (I called this one)

Next set of couples: Jaimie & Hok, Sabra & Dominic and Sara & Jesus. Who can possibly be in the bottom from this group? Sara & Jesus (I only partially agree with this choice, but out of these three couples, I would’ve chose them also, but I still like them.)

Then, Jessi & Pasha, (Jessi’s back!!! Whoo!!!) do their Cha Cha, that was supposed to be done last night. It was hot!! (and better than last night’s performance, in my opinion). Jessi’s gonna be dancing for her life, but is Pasha safe? Yes!

Last two couples: Shauna & Cedric and Anya & Danny come on stage. EVERYONE is thinking it’s gonna be Shauna & Cedric in the bottom but, nooo, some people have to take pity on Cedric and vote for him, poo on you! Anya & Danny will then be dancing for their lives.

Lauren takes her time to walk out, then takes off her jacket, and then starts dancing. Not much time left, but it definetly wasn’t that great. (Song: “Popozao” by Kevin Federline)

Neil gets out onto the stage and performs a solo that involves as much spinning and jumping that you can possibly fit into 30 seconds. It was certainly impressive in my opinion. (Song: “Come On” by Ben Jelen)

Sara breaks it down b-girl style, and I really enjoyed it – in my opinion the best solo from the girl’s side tonight. (Song: “Ladies First” by Queen Latifah)

Jesus mixes some hip hop moves into his ballet/contemporary routine. But, unfortunately, I really can’t say it was the best male solo, but I don’t think it was bad. (Song: “What I Like About You” by The Romantics”)

Jessi does her thing, a kind of hip hop, popping-and-locking kind of routine, she’s doing great, especially since she just came back from the hospital. It was a pretty good solo. (Song: “Ice Box” by Omarion)

Danny takes us to ballet school in his solo of kicks and spins. (Song: “A Song For You” by Elliott Yamin – a bit of American Idol advertising right here?)

The final solo of the night, Anya, does some kind of weird solo. She should’ve just stuck with her thing and done some kind of latin solo dance, just like all the other dancers who did that kind of solo, but no, she does some kind of strange contemporary-latin dance. I’m also not really sure what kind of stange outfit she was wearing, not very latin if you ask me. This was certainly the weakest solo of the night. (Song: “Fields of Gold” by Eva Cassidy)

Time to take a break from the dancing and listen to some “Fergalicious” music — except Fergie’s singing “Glamorous”, oh, wait, never mind, she has 6 dancers, we’re certainly not taking a break from dancing on this show. Then, out of nowhere, comes Ludacris, right out of the audience. He must have forgotten that he was supposed to perform. I almost forgot to mention Fergie’s yellow pants and just how high her heels were. Anyways back to business….

Commercial break and the judges have returned to tell us who’s getting cut.

The girls are first. Who’s gonna go? Nigel tells the girls that they all had weak solos and that the decision they made wasn’t unanimous (it was 2-1), but majority rules in the world of dance. Nigel wastes no time and eliminates Jessi right away (she certainly did not have the weakest solo).

The guys are next. Nigel tells Neil and Danny that their solos were outstanding so that leaves Jesus, his solo just wasn’t good enough. As they (used to) say: “You are the weakest link goodbye!” (Except the weakest link was Cedric, but anyways…)

I’d also like to say that last night, Pasha got a standing ovation last night, and if Jessi had been there last night, there is NO WAY Jessi ever would’ve gotten eliminated

There’s a massive discussion online, on the forums, about why Jessi was eliminated, just like that, without Nigel explaining himself. I also just wanted quickly to point out that there’s also a petition to get Jessi back going around (I’m not sure what good it could do – but you could at least give 10 seconds of your time to sign it)

Anyways, here’s some of the things people have said (I did NOT write  any of the comments to follow):

One person says: “Well first off, I’m glad that others feel as astonished about Jessi getting booted (especially with no reason given) although I don’t agree with everyone’s reasoning. Anyways, I know a lot of people think Jessi being booted is wrong, and that’s fine. I don’t much like it either. I fully realize that there can only be one winner, so in the long run it’s not THAT big of a deal…but it certainly makes the show look bad when they kick her off after you look at the BIG PICTURE.

1) Jessi did very well with the Viennese Waltz and the Jazz routine. The judges themselves were VERY outspoken with their disapproval that they fell to the bottom three after the Jazz routine. They were heavily inclined to say “America got it wrong” … so are the JUDGES wrong this week (or ever)? Surely if they’re saying five million voters are collectively wrong, a small panel of three people could be equally faulty in their judgments.

2) I get that she was dehydrated…and that she should monitor that more closely. What *probably* happened is she didn’t have enough salt in her body (in which she loses with sweating) and that would throw off her heartbeat as that salt is absolutely vital for our bodies to function…especially since that salt helps electrical currents (for the lack of a better term at the moment) pass through our body, especially with our heart. Purified water does not have very much salt content (if any, depending on the brand/bottler), so she probably should have been drinking other types of water and/or eating saltier foods. She probably drank purified water and ate non-salt foods…thus almost drowning her body.

Interesting thing is that even when she was feeling weak, she probably thought she needed to drink even more water and just made it worse…and kept practicing through it thinking she was fixing it by drinking more water. People don’t know they’re really intoxicating themselves. It’s hard to place blame on her for this, as most people don’t even know about how sodium is vital to the body and wouldn’t even think to check that sodium level.

Even with her dehydration OR deprivation of sodium…I don’t view that as a valid reason to boot her off the show. Faina collapsed after being dehydrated RIGHT AFTER one of the final tryout performances…and she made it into the top 20. There is more pressure and more practice (thus energy exerted) NOW in the competition than before in the Vegas tryouts. If this is truly the reason Jessi was removed, it’s at the expense of undeniable hypocrisy when Faina’s case is taken into account.

3) It was not her decision to stay out of the show to dance her routine. It was her doctors. I’ve heard people say “well Lauren had the flu and she still danced!” well I’d give you credit if you realized that doctors did not PREVENT her from dancing. A doctor’s recommendation goes a VERY long way with Nigel and the show, they take that very seriously and there is nothing the dancer can do in defiance of it.

Even so, the routine got the votes for her partner Pasha (even with that other chick Meredith (?) dancing…which, given her age and figure, made it a little awkward for some reason, although she was a superb dancer)…and when Jessi performed it last night (look at me online at 2 am going on about this! haha!) it was quite amazing. They did a great job…fantastic chemistry (best chemistry between ANY couple). I would bet anything that they would not have been in the bottom three with that routine had she not been prevented from performing it…as it doesn’t matter WHO you are, that routine was about as perfect and as sexy as they come.

4) Her solo was actually good! Lauren and Anya did absolutely horrid, MUCH MUCH worse than Jessi did last week. I agreed with Nigel last week that Jessi’s solo was not up to snuff…but this week I thought it was pretty darn good. Even if it wasn’t as good in their eyes, you simply cannot just ignore how horrible Anya and more specifically Lauren performed.

Lauren – she barely danced! I laughed when someone here said it was bad enough that she was dancing to Kevin Federline…I don’t like his music either, but that in particular just did NOT work for a dancing solo/routine. I was really surprised to see how she danced, I think she actually choked and froze up a bit so could only walk and strip. BY FAR the worst solo on this show. I like her and how she has danced with her partner, but not enough to overlook that solo. It’s called “dance for your life” … but I didn’t even see any dancing, much less dancing to the level that would keep someone in a dancing competition.

Anya – not much dancing here either! Besides that, I didn’t see much heart in her performance. Her moves looked sloppy and off-beat, like she was nervous or just didn’t care. I don’t think she took much appreciation of the idea that it’s called “dance for your life” because that guest judge said that America likes them and just wanted to see them dance solo…so perhaps Anya took that to heart and didn’t take the dance as gravely serious as she ought to have. This too was not as good as Jessi danced LAST WEEK, and as I said previously…I didn’t much care for that either.

5) This show has coined the phrase “America’s Favorite Dancer” yet we had no decision whatsoever. I did not mind the rules that she had to dance for her life because she did not perform, that is fine…but when you take EVERYTHING into account and see other dancers who have not been as good as Lauren and in particular performed at a level that is beneath the show’s talent level in their solo’s…I would have rather had the opportunity to vote on her. It’s hard to come up with something that would be fair to her and not throw off the schedule of the show…but it SEEMS that anything less than a retraction and revote (and apology by the panel) just won’t get the job done. For this reason alone, I doubt anything will be done to rectify the situation unfortunately. I think Nigel has it in him to admit when he was wrong…but to reverse such a decision and eat THAT much crow would be hard for him (or anyone) to do on national television. I do feel as though it really warrants it though…as the decision, with all the above points in mind, seems to be blatantly incorrect.

Given further thought, perhaps it would be wise to retract the decision and give America the opportunity to vote on this week’s bottom girls. IF they vote to remove Jessi, I would respect that 100x more than I respect the decision made by the judges…if for nothing else, because this show is supposed to be for America’s favorite dancer NOT the judge’s favorite dancer. Plus, I think this type of fix would be better than to reinstate Jessi and kick off another girl. Give America the voice it deserves to have.”

Someone’s response to this comment was: “You were definitely right in saying that America NOT having any sort of choice in this was very unfair, and considering the fact that her lack of presence was only due to health problems it seemed grossly skewed. What’s more is it wasn’t simply a physician’s recommendation, but a mandatory hospitalization. You’d think some sort of exception could be made, especially considering that she couldn’t have been released more than a day earlier.

You’re also right in your analysis of the other solos — I thought Anya was gone for SURE… she was completely bland. And Lauren did barely anything. At least Jessi was creative and fun to watch. I find myself rolling my eyes more and more this season.

The way they told her was also appalling. I felt like I missed something for a moment there. It seemed almost cruel. All around I am disappointed by this decision, both in logic and execution. Shame on the judges for this one. Shame.”

Another person pointed out that: “the wednesday night show is actually filmed on monday, so jessi was prolly in the hospital for longer than a day before she got back on thursday. She could have gone against medical advice, but i dont think nigel lithgo would let her do that because it would be a liability to the show if anything happens to her. I personally believe they are not telling us the severlty of her condition and had to let her go for future liability reason

The way the judges let Jessi go, I’m convinced that they know more than we do. It was completely different than any other week. I believe it was for health reasons. First, they don’t want to damage her even more, 2. they don’t want something to happen during a taping which could harm both dancers, what if she were to faint during the middle of a dance? 3. not all of the choreographers have assistants on hand, Pascha was lucky but that might not always be the case.

she could’ve danced on competition night..she chickened out..doesn’t it strike you odd that she danced the next day. I’ve been dehydrated before – was in ER and discharged after they rehydrated me after few hours. And about that abnormal EKG – she could’ve went against medical advice (signed out of hospital against medical advice, if she really wanted it taht bad) and came back after competition night for further work-up if she wanted.”


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