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So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD) – My Top 10 Picks

Posted by g3tech on July 1, 2007

(Check out the top 16 performance show (with videos), here and the results show here.)

Since SYTYCD isn’t on this week (july 4th) but returns the 11th, I thought I’d just make some predictions as to who will make the top 10. So I’m gonna eliminate 2 guys and 2 girls. But before I do, I just want to say that I’m eliminating them by how much the judges liked them, how well they’ve done the last three weeks and how strong I believe their fan base is (also has to do with whether they’ve been in the bottom or not). First I’ll comment on each person (and couple) and I’ll say who’s going to go and who should go at the end.

The couples that have not yet been in the bottom 3 are: Lacey & Kameron and Jaimie & Hok. Surprised that these are the only two? Don’t believe me? Look back at the episodes.

Top 14

Sara & Pasha  — I don’t think Sara has a strong enough fan base (and I also don’t think that the judges like her enough — although she’s never really had a bad week and she also had the strongest solo). As for Pasha, I think the judges like him a lot but unfortunately, his fan base is just not there (bottom 3 in 2 of the 3 weeks). As the new couple on the block, I fear they may have some trouble, but I could be wrong…

Shauna & Cedric — Well, I don’t know what to say about this couple. They’re VERY highly controversial, and Cedric, who is CLEARLY the weakest, was put in the bottom 3 twice, but then saved. And then after the judges tell him that he’s gonna go home next week if he sucks (which he did), then he gives a whole heartfelt speech (that I couldn’t have cared less about) so then finally when the judges were prepared to get rid of him, America saves him. Is SYTYCD turning into a Sanjaya show (from American Idol, as if you didn’t know?), all over again. If this game doesn’t end soon then Cedric will make the top 10 (and I will also pull out all my hair). As for Shauna, she’s really good, and the judges like her, but either Cedric’s “fans” are going to keep saving them or they’ll keep putting into the bottom.

Lacey & Kameron — One of the only two couples never to fall into the pit of death, we call “the bottom 3”, probably because of their top 20 performance, which I know for a fact, people WILL NOT be forgetting for a lonnnng time. They have great chemistry (just like Donyelle & Benji did) and I also think some people are supporting her because she’s Benji’s sister (but maybe not) and they’re definetly one of the most entertaining couples.

Anya & Danny — Another controversial couple, because Anya clearly had the weakest solo last week and also because people tend to dislike Danny’s attitude (or “ego”) — Personally, I find it somewhat irritating. On the flip side, the judges absolutely LOVE them and I think they’ll try to keep them safe for as long as they can. Although Danny had a very strong solo, yes, he’s a good dancer, but I still can’t take that ego thing, he has going on. I think that once they start switching partners, they’re gonna be in trouble.

Sabra & Dominic — They were in the bottom the first week, and I don’t think we’ll see them there for A LONG TIME. Because, I know, that they have a strong fan base (unless all the people who like them, on the internet, don’t vote) and the judges love them. They’re improving by the week, they’re both incredibly strong dancers in their own style and they’re also fabulous! My first pick for the top 10!

Lauren & Neil — Well, what can I say, they have great chemistry off-stage, which we see every week, but we also got to see that they’re not as strong dancing together, as they are dancing apart. Lauren’s solo was pretty weak and Neil’s solo was very strong (how many jumps and spins can you possibly do in 30 secs?)

Jaimie & Hok — Well, they certainly surprised me this week, they were definetly one of the best couples this week with their crazy, Wade, jazz routine. And let’s not forget they also have never been in the bottom 3.

The top 10

Who SHOULDN’T be there?

Guys: (Most of) the guys are really strong, especially in their own styles, but this show is about versatility in all forms of dance, which we do not see with CEDRIC. Choosing another guy is very difficult, but if I really had to choose, I would choose DANNY because I can’t take his “ego”, and also he was in the bottom 3 last week, which could mean his fan base is thinning out (but maybe not), the judges will definetly never eliminate them (they always LOVE them, even when America doesn’t) so he’ll probably make the top 10, but I don’t think he should be there. He’s also very strong in his own style, but you know, someone has to go.

Girls: Eliminating the girls, it seems, is somewhat easier than the guys (look what happened at the results show where Jessi was cut…). The first girl, I’d say, is ANYA. She had a weak solo, and, like I said about Danny, their fans may be thinning out, but the judges won’t eliminate them, because they love them so much. When they danced their jive, the first week, she (actually both of them) were very strong. But I’ve got to say, they didn’t really stand out (do you actually remember their viennese waltz?). My second, and last, pick for who shouldn’t be there is going to have to be LAUREN. Why? Because 1) she didn’t have that good a solo, 2) Both she and Neil have great chemistry offstage, but it just isn’t coming out when they dance together. They’re both fabulous dancer but I feel that Neil deserves to stay while Lauren not as much. But, as I say, will keep saying, and have said before, “someone has to go”.

Who WON’T be there?

Guys: This is really, really, hard to decide, because I can’t predict the future, unfortunately, but I can say that if America does, at any point, put Cedric in the bottom 3, he will be leaving. But if they choose to play this like a game, and do a “Sanjaya” all over again, then Cedric will be making the top 10. As for the second guy, I would’ve preferred it to be Danny, but I truly believe that the judges will not be letting him go anytime soon, so I’m going to have to choose Neil. (In my head, this second choice came down to Danny, Neil and Pasha – but I don’t think Danny’s going to go, and I think Pasha is very entertaining, all the time, but this second choice of mine, will change to Pasha, if things don’t go good next week, because, don’t forget, he’s part of a new couple, with Sara, but if things work out with them, which I hop they do, then it’ll most probably be Neil walking out that door, or if the judges suddenly change their “oh-danny-I-love-you-forever-and-ever” attitude towards him, then it’ll be Danny leaving instead of Neil. This past week, they both had amazing solos, although I liked Neil’s better, but because of the whole thing with the judges and Danny, Neil might not be there).

Girls: Once again, it’s really hard to try and predict the future because there are so many things that can change, it’s like going outside, sticking your finger to the wind, then predicting the forecast in five years. I think it’s quite possible that Lauren, who I said should go, actually goes, because, as I said before, she had a weak solo, and overall, over the past weeks, she hasn’t been outstanding. I think Neil’s a bit better than her but, whether he can actually win the competition, has yet to be seen. As for the second girl, I’m going to have to say Anya, even though she’s partnered with Danny, they don’t go as crazy for her as they do for him, which could mean that they support him over her, and because of her weak solo, and their not-so-memorable performances, I’m going to choose Anya.

Summarized version

In case you were too lazy to read everything above, here’s who I think is in danger, as for why I think this, you’ll have to read above

In danger (in no particular order):

Guys: Cedric, Danny, Pasha & Neil

Girls: Anya & Lauren


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