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Posted by g3tech on July 5, 2007

Since So You Think You Can Dance isn’t on this week, I thought I’d share some gossip/rumours about everyone’s favorite show.

1) Lacey & Kameron (aka Kamcey) are reported to be the season’s first “official” couple. (Surprising? I don’t think so.)

2) Why, oh why, did Jessi, get eliminated? Fans demand to know. It’s rumoured to be because the dancers are supposed to tell the producers of any preexisting medical conditions during the audition process. It is not known whether Jessi knew of her heart problem before she was cast on the show, but it only makes sense to me that producers would not want to put themselves in any kind of legal jeopardy.

3) Word is that choreographer Mia Michaels is no longer feeling the love for Cedric (she saved Cedric, remember?) Sources say that when she choreographed Shauna and Cedric last week, she was so frustrated by Cedric’s performance, she told producers she didn’t want them on stage performing her piece.


One Response to “SYTYCD Gossip”

  1. sytycd said

    Very interesting about Cedric. While I’m not personally a fan of Mia Michaels choreography, Cedric’s performance took something that I wouldn’t necessarily have enjoyed to something I can’t even call dance.

    However, his solos are AWESOME!!

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