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John From Cincinnati – Episode 4 (“His Visit: Day Three”)

Posted by g3tech on July 8, 2007

The episode begins with John out and about and staring at that naval radio station we saw back in Episode 2. But, since he forgets to leave a note, everyone assumes he”s missing. Instead of being relieved at no longer having a grinning oddball repeating everything they”ve said, everyone is quite concerned. Butchie and Kai spend most of the episode looking for him, enlisting Bill”s help. Then, they have sex — Butchie and Kai, I mean. Bill is mercifully left out of that, thankfully, because there are just some things you can”t un-see. Speaking of people having sex, Mitch and Cass totally do it, as part of Linc”s evil plan to…make sure Mitch is too preoccupied with having sex to see Linc sinking his talons into Shaun, I suppose. Linc is shockingly short of specifics. The plan is going great, at least until Cass sees Mitch levitate. Dr. Smith does not have not have sex in this episode. Instead, he begins by quitting his job at the hospital and then spends the rest of his day wandering the earth, like Caine in Kung Fu. His travels take him to the Snug Harbor, where he has some face time with Ramon, and to the Yost house, where he finds Linc doing the dishes — yeah, don”t ask — and back to the Snug Harbor to diagnose Palaka”s wrist and declare that John is A-OK despite all the fresh stab wounds and blood. That”s right, I forgot about John! He has the misfortune to run into four guys who don”t like it when people repeat what they”ve just said — one of them ends up using John as a pin cushion before dumping his body near the border. Fortunately, Vietnam Joe stumbles across John, and even more fortunately, Vietnam Joe is able to heal those wounds with just a touch of his hand per John”s instructions. By the time this show is over, I think every character will have been healed by every other character — my bet for next week is Dickstein in the conservatory with Professor Plum. Our episode ends with Bill opting to spend the evening with Freddy, because Zippy the Bird conveyed to him that the two should be friends. Yeah, you read that correctly. I don”t think we should rule out the possibility that maybe Zippy just wanted him out of the house for some quiet time.


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