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Sony May Cut PS3 Price Next Week… Or Not!

Posted by g3tech on July 8, 2007

Gaming nerds are abuzz with rumor that Sony may be trimming the price of the PlayStation 3 as E3 gets underway next week in Santa Monica. The gossip says that the 60GB PS3 (the only one still on sale in the U.S.) will see a $100 cut to $500, good news for gaming fans anxious for this fall’s hotly-anticipated titles like Grand Theft Auto 4 and Lair (the latter a PS3 exclusive).The source of the rumor: A Circuit City circular ad, leaked by an alleged employee, which lists a one-week sale on the PS3 beginning July 15. Sony allegedly sets the floor for PS3 prices, too, and the tipster says that Circuit City is not alone in getting special dispensation to sell the unit for less. Other sources say the MSRP will be slashed across the board, for all sellers, on July 12, one day after Sony’s E3 press conference.

This would sound like a lock, but Sony has actually denied that it is cutting the PS3’s price. Who are you going to believe? Well, we’ll find out next week… 

While a price cut on the absurdly expensive PS3 has been much-needed and long-rumored, a cut this early in its life would be virtually unheard of. The Xbox 360 (non-core unit, I mean) was released in November 2005 at $400, and the MSRP remains the same today. The PS2 was initially cut from $300 to $200 after a year and a half on the market. (It’s now $130.) By comparison, the PS3 was released less than eight months ago.

Is this a sign of desperate times for Sony, a company so languishing that a few weeks ago its market value was surpassed by Nintendo, whose Wii is outselling the PS3 by two to one here and three to one in Japan? At least it’s a sign of sanity at the company.

Toss in those free Blu-ray discs (which may come with the purchase of a PS3 and a blu-ray player) and the PS3 doesn’t look like such a bad deal any more.


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