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The (Growing) iPhone Feature Wishlist

Posted by g3tech on July 8, 2007

Got a suggestion for a new iPhone feature? Here’s a site that’s compiling a massive list of feature requests for the coveted handset; let’s hope the Macheads in Cupertino take heed. The litany of suggestions over at Mac blog Macenstein looks like it’s getting longer by the minute, and there are some excellent ideas in the list (besides the obvious, such as “add 3G” or “add instant messaging”). Among them:

  • An auto-dim/off control for the display (which, as it stands, stays lit unless you have “auto-lock” set to “on”)
  • An Address Book icon on the main interface
  • Room for more than one signature in the Mail app
  • A widescreen keyboard option for every iPhone app
  • Ability to browse the iPhone via Bluetooth
  • “Delete some” or “all” option for e-mail
  • Ability to send text messages to multiple recipients
  • Wireless contact/event syncing
  • Manual management of music and videos
  • A true RSS reader

Great ideas all, and there’s nothing here that couldn’t be fixed via a software update. And speaking of feature suggestions, it sounds like one of the most-requested features for the iPhone—Flash support for the Web browser—may indeed be coming to pass. Tech guru Walt Mossberg is reporting that Apple will be adding Flash support “through an early software update,” which means the iPhone’s Safari browser may be able to play Flash-encoded Web videos sooner rather than later.


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