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Big Love – Episode 5 (“Vision Thing”)

Posted by g3tech on July 10, 2007

Now that Bill’s legal and family troubles are supposedly over, he’s getting right back to biting off more than he can chew. On the business front, he’s committing himself, Don, and even Uncle Eddie to the gambling machine company to a pretty dangerous level, despite the fact that the company’s current owner is acting sketchy as hell. And on the romantic front, he’s struck up a flirtation with a Serbian diner waitress who may end up as wife number four, or just a fling. Either way: Oh, Bill. Joey turns to Barb because Lois has committed Wanda to a mental hospital and is trying to set him up with a new wife of his own. Barb’s rescue instincts go into overdrive, despite the fact that Bill isn’t interested in helping Joey and Wanda isn’t even that invested in remaining a single wife. Thanks to Barb’s stubbornness, Bill ends up grudgingly offering Joey a job.

Wayne is attending a good Catholic school that’s far enough away from home to allow Bill to openly be his father there, but Nicki’s freaked out by all the religious iconography, as well as what she perceives as indoctrination of her son and ostracism of herself. So she pulls Wayne out of school, prompting him to run away and triggering a major blowout with Margene. Wayne returns home and back to school, but it takes a prayer to St. Christopher to pull it off. Hee.

Margene’s pregnancy cravings bite her in the ass when she spots Bill flirting with her pie hookup. She later ends up at the counter herself, to check out more than the strawberry rhubarb.

And Rhonda’s back, although the only one who knows it is Sarah. Despite Sarah’s understandable hostility toward the girl, she’s inherited her mother’s self-destructive rescue instincts. So she burns through all of her friends until she has to park Rhonda at Heather’s place. This will not end well (see also: most of the previous paragraphs).


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