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So You Think You Can Dance – Top 14

Posted by g3tech on July 11, 2007


Welcome to SYTYCD! After a week of repose, we have returning to everyone’s favorite show, let’s check out what happened, shall we?

Joining our panel tonight is Adam Shankman who directed/choreographed Hairspray. And we also find out that it’s Nigel’s b-day (happy one to you Nigel!), and Nigel talks about the petition to get Jessi back (you can still sign it here if you want).

To no surprise, first off, is Lacey & Kameron, and they will be dancing the first ever hustle. It is choreographed by Maria Torres, and it is to the song “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” by Inner Life. And Kameron’s hawk is back! I thought it was really great, and I really quite enjoyed it (but I think Lacey was a bit stronger than Kameron). I liked the costumes and thought that, overall, it was hot. Adam really like both of them, Mary thought it was hot and Nigel thought that Lacey out-performed Kameron, and he also said that she has better technique than Benji.

My prediction: Since Lacey out-performed Benji, they’ll stay in the competition — SAFE!

Now we’re going to have to endure Shauna & Cedric who will be dancing the mambo, choreographed by Alex Da Silva (and, this week, he brought 3 assistants, just for Cedric). Their song is “Flaute Y Timbal” by Tito Peunte. I really didn’t enjoy their performance, at some points they weren’t in sync, and I thought that Cedric had improved but I still didn’t enjoy him. Shauna, of course, was great (and waaaay better than him) and I like the parts where they danced apart more than when they danced together. I can only hope that Shauna finally gets the better partner that she’s deserved since week 1. I guess it wasn’t THAT bad, it was decent, but not better than that, and even if Cedric has “improved”, I still don’t think he can last, compared with everyone else who completely outdances him. Adam thought that they were better than he had expected, Mary gave Shauna a ticket on the hot tamale train, and she told Cedric, for the first time, that he grew and she wanted him to stay (DON’T SAY THESE CRAZY THINGS, MARY!!!) and Nigel was impressed with them.

My prediction: Cedric may have been improved, but I still feel that it wasn’t good enough, Cedric’s still gotta go — BOTTOM 3!

Next up, Anya & Danny, dancing contemporary, Danny’s dance stule. We learn that Anya used to be blonde and Danny has an obsession with sunglasses! Isn’t that insteresting?! Their choreographer is Tyce DiOrio, who describes it as a dance between “a man and a woman (not a boy and a girl!) and it’s too late to apologize.” He also tells us there’s “sweat and sexuality.” … sounds just like every other contemporary routine. Their song is none other than “Apologize” by One Republic. I thought that it was nice but it lacked something — it was either the performance that was weak or it was the choreography — but if they were truly THAT amazing (like the judges think they are), then they’re able to make ANY DANCE exciting (let’s remember Jessi & Pasha’s smooth waltz). Adam thought it was beautiful but there was something missing when they weren’t dancing together, Mary says that no one dances as high or as strongly as Danny and she loved Anya. Nigel wants to tell the choreographers that some relationships don’t end with someone walking away. He says that Anya brought the emotion and Danny brought the technique. He warns Danny that he’s going to have the find the “x-factor” to get people to vote for him because you can’t win on technique alone. Adam points out that Danny seems arrogant and he dances like he dances above everyone else and acts like he’s gonna win the competition.

My prediction: I find Danny arrogant and their performance just wasn’t good enough, it definetly lacked — BOTTOM 3!

New couple, Sara & Pasha, have chosen West Coast Swing. Who’s their choreographer? Well, the king of swing, Benji Schwimmer (and his partner Heidi)!! They’re dancing to the song “the Rockfellar Skank” by Fatboy Slim. Here’s Benji’s list of how to be cool (be sure to follow it!):

1. You need “Russian Sex Appeal”

2. You need “Sexy, but chill, gangsta attitude”

3. You gotta have Benji as a teacher

I really enjoyed it and it brought back memories from last season, of Benji’s moves, but it also had a flavour of it’s own. I thought that it was great and very happy that they became such a great couple so quickly. Also, it’s going to be an advantage for when they switch couple, later in the game, they’ll be good at getting used to a new partner quickly. Nigel said it had that magic and Adam said that if they were auditioning then they got the part. Mary agreed with Nigel and added that they have a great partnership and Pasha is the king of partnering.

My prediction: I’m pretty sure they followed Benji’s list of how to be cool and they’re gonna be SAFE!

Three more couples to go…

And next up, it’s gonna be Sabra & Dominic. Dominic had a great joke about how his secret crush is Cat — “7 feet tall, white teeth and a french accent, it can’t get any better than this…” They’re gonna be doing some of Dominic’s hip hop style. By choreographer Shane Sparks, to the song “Make it work” by Ne-Yo. Shane says that it’s gonna be waaaaaay hot. His list of how to be successful: “a hot girl, a hot boy, a hot song, and some hot choreography”. Let’s see…  I enjoyed it a lot, definetly some chemistry there. Adam thought it was fantastic, and Mary thought it was magic and very believable (And screamed louder than the human ear can hear). Nigel said that it was terrible (that it was so short) and that it reminds him of Allison & Ivan’s umbrella routine from last season. That’s right, now that I think of it, I completely agree. I think that when Shane does these romantic, kinda softer hip hop, routines, they’re always really great and memorable (and hot!!!).

My prediction: It was great, they’re SAFE!

Jaimie & Hok, this week, won’t be birds, no, they’ll be waltzing (which means no more dangerously spiky hair for Jaimie). They’re choreographer is none other than Toni Redpath (it is a woman, yes). Apparently Hok is dying and they’re lovers and she wants him one last time. And, of course, neither of them refuse to answer if they have a crush on one another. Their song is “Angel” by Sarah McLachlan. I thought it was nice and elegant but of course it wasn’t completely technically correct. This brings me to a good point — Hok is not really suited for the Waltz because the Waltz requires “a rise and fall” (which Mary brought up) but unfortunately if you have shorter legs, you can’t really rise. Adam thought that they both had great posture and form (in particular Jaimie). Mary, of course, has to dislike their routine and Nigel thought that it wasn’t good enough, and Jaimie’s line took away from everything Hok was doing. Overall, the judges didn’t really like Hok but liked Jaimie’s lines. Nigel thought that they’d manage to scrape through.

My prediction: Unfortunately, it wasn’t that amazing, I hope their fan base will save them, unfortunately, BOTTOM 3! (Hok’ll still bring it in his solo if he has to)

Guess what? (You’re supposed to answer “What?”) Lauren & Neil are closing the show with their jazz routine. Apparently Lauren has an Asian alter-ego. And Neil says that they’re determined not to be in the bottom. Wade Robson is choreographing their routine!!! The song is “Night of the Dancing Flame” by Roisin Murphy. It’s supposed to be a “fun comic book story of good versus evil” where Neil is the evil guy, disguised as a gentleman and Lauren is the good girl. Neil has some crazy hair! My god, that was really enjoyable, I’m really surprised — they sooo brought it — I was blown away!!! Adam thought that it was off the charts and Mary thought that they pulled it off. Nigel thought that it was very believable and he said that they “saved the best for last” (a Venessa Williams song, because she was in the audience).

My prediction: They’re definetly not my favorite couple, but they had a great performance (thanks to Wade’s choreography) — SAFE!

To give you a reason why you shouldn’t watch the results show, Hilary Duff is going to be performing “Stranger” tomorrow.


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