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SYTYCD – Top 14 – Elimination

Posted by g3tech on July 12, 2007

Check out my recap of the top 14 performance show, right here

*** Once again I am the first blogger on the scene of SYTYCD! **** 

Welcome back to So You Think You Can Dance, where yet another guy and girl will be leaving us tonight, to form our top 12! We’re getting very close to the top 10!

Their group dance is performed to the song “You Can’t Stop The Beat” from Hairspray (soundtrack)… Guess who choreographed it? Adam Shankman, who is the director/choreographer of Hairspray (and our guest judge this week)

Let’s begin… (note: from each group, there is one couple in the bottom 3)

The first two couples are Sabra & Dominic and Anya & Danny. Previously, I called Anya & Danny into the bottom 3, am I right? Absolutely. Nigel continues talking about how there’s something missing from them (and it’s not arrogance because, as Nigel explains, arrogance he associates with rudeness, which Danny apparently is not. Also, Adam took back his arrogant comment and said “You dance beautifully….”).

Next group of couples, we have three couples: Lacey & Kameron, Sara & Pasha and Shauna & Cedric. We find out, to no surprise, that Lacey & Kameron are safe. Is it Sara & Pasha or Shauna & Cedric in the bottom. Previously, I said that it would be Shauna & Cedric, and I sincerely hope that tonight is finally the night where Cedric leaves the competition. Will it be them? YES! They’re in the bottom 3. Right now, I’m 2 for 2 (I’m 100% correct in case you can’t understand).

The final two couples, are Jaimie & Hok and Lauren & Neil. I have to say that, last night, Lauren & Neil were the stronger couple (and Jaimie & Hok had some difficulties technically) but I wouldn’t be surprised if Jaimie & Hok were safe because I am aware that they have a lot of fans (Jaimie & Hok are also one of two couples who have never been in the bottom 3, Lacey & Kameron being the other). So will the couple that was the stonger one this week stay or will it be the one that has the more fans? Hok & Jaimie have been better than Lauren & Neil in the past few weeks in my opinion. If Jaimie & Hok are in the bottom, they’ll ace their solos. Previously, I chose Jaimie & Hok to be in the bottom, will it be so? Unfortunately, yes. WOW! I can’t believe I was right again (I GOT 3 FOR 3!!)

We get to see a clip of how our contestants got to go see it. Which means everyone go see it next week (July 20th to be exact)!!!

Anyways, back to the show…

Solos be happenin now man….

1) Anya — waaay better outfit choice than last week but I gotta say it really wasn’t that strong. The other two girls out-soloed her, if the judges are gonna eliminate based on the solos tonight, then Anya should be the one leaving. (song: Magic Carpet Ride by Mighty Dub Cats)

2) Danny — dancing without his shirt, as if sex appeal is the only way he’ll remain in the competition. Clearly, he feels that it’s his last resort because I really felt like his solo this weak was less about technique than it was looking good (because last week, he had an amazing solo). Maybe he thinks “well, I showed them my technical skills last week, there’s no reason for me to do it again.” It was not that amazing a solo but he’ll probably stay. (song: Delirious by Mario Spinetti)

3) Shauna — a pretty strong contemporary routine, I think she gave us a fair idea of her skill, which is pretty good. It’s one of the better female solos tonight. (song: Zombie by The Cranberries)

4) Cedric — I’m not going to write much about Cedric, except say that he did his thing (which I still don’t like) and he didn’t change my opinion about him. Mary said that she’d save him this week, if she does, I just might scream!!! (song: Circus by Kelis)

5) Jaimie — A nice contemporary routine, which I think was mainly for showing off her extensions (which the judges praise pretty much every week). One of the better female solos tonight. (song: Childhood Dreams by Nelly Furtado)

6) Hok — We all now about Hok’s massive breakin’ skills so he decided to mix a bit of that with lots of entertainment value. As we’ve been told many times, it’s important to be entertaining as well as technically correct. A nice solo overall. I’m quite sure Hok’ll be staying and I like it the best. (song: Ease On Down The Road from The Wiz (soundtrack) )

The solos are over, time for the judges to decide who’ll be leaving. Which means it’s time for Hilary Duff to perform. Strangely, it’s some kind of bellydance-type thing. Anyways, this gives me time to continue writing about the solos.

Nigel tells us that they were unanimous on the guy and the girl. And they’re not going to base their decisions on just the solos tonight, but everything.

The girls are first, and Jaimie is safe. Nigel tells Anya that her solos have been consistently weak but for some reason they save her. The reason that SHAUNA is going to be eliminated tonight, even though I was sure she had the strongest solo, was because they didn’t feel she’d grown enough and her personality something-or-other and all that garbage. The reason really is because the judges refuse to eliminate Anya & Danny for some reason.

The guys are up, and Nigel just comes right out and says that CEDRIC is leaving tonight.

So no new couples next week, and I’ll be here next week to give you the recap.

As always, your comments are greatly welcomed!


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  1. Anonymous said

    Great recap!

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