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Microsoft (Xbox) Price Cut Rumours?

Posted by g3tech on July 13, 2007

After Sony chopped $100 off the price of the PlayStation 3 over the weekend, numerous industry analysts are predicting Microsoft will make a similar move at its press conference later today. Expectations over just how much cheaper the Xbox 360 might become vary, but most commentators are predicting between a $50 and $100 drop across some or all of the Xbox retail packages.

Microsoft’s press conference kicks off at 8:30 PM PDT, so there isn’t too much longer to wait.

What you won’t see, though, are a few photos that were mysteriously removed from the page earlier today. Close-up pictures of the stage area during a rehearsal, they clearly showed four Xboxes arranged in a line: two white, one black (an Elite model) and one…grey? Could it be a new addition to the Xbox lineup: perhaps a new budget model, or the version with built-in internet TV functions that’s been discussed by Microsoft in the past? Maybe it’s just a trick of the light. We’ll find out all later on today — and we’ll have all the news here as soon as the conference wraps up.


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