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PS3 Price Drop Only Temporary

Posted by g3tech on July 14, 2007

Could the welcomed $100 price cut for Sony’s PlayStation 3 be temporary? Reported comments from multiple Sony execs in online publications Gamesindustry.biz and Joystiq.com indicate so. The current PlayStation 3 model, which is equipped with a 60 GB hard drive, certainly has received a price cut to $499 and is available at that price right now – but Sony’s recent statements indicate that model is no longer in production.

If that’s accurate, once those sell out, which could take as little as 1-3 months, the only PlayStation 3 model that’s available will be the just-announced premium version. Going on sale in August and equipped with an 80 GB hard drive and racing game Motorstorm, it’ll set purchasers back $599. Barring further price cuts, holiday shoppers would potentially still be faced with a $600 PS3, although they’d be getting more for their money.

What about the PSP? Will it be phased out as well? Or receive its own price drop?

The newly designed PSP is going to replace the original PSP design starting in September with the $169.99 PSP Core Pack and the $199.99 Daxter PSP Entertainment Pack.


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