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John From Cincinnati – Episode 6 (“His Visit: Day Five”)

Posted by g3tech on July 16, 2007

So things begin routinely enough with Cissy spewing venom about Tina — ah, normalcy! Unfortunately, Shaun overhears this put-down of his birth mother and storms out. leaving Cissy so dismayed that she turns to Butchie for help. In short order, Butchie convinces Tina to return to Imperial Beach, importunes upon Kai to fetch Shaun, and convinces Cissy to invite Tina over for lunch. “Young Henry Kissinger,” Cunningham snorts among all this back-and-forth negotiation, but I think he’s selling Butchie short. Henry Kissinger just had to formalize the Paris Peace Accords — Butchie manages to bring Tina and Cissy together with the only casualties being a couple of cans of tuna fish.

Speaking of bringing people together, John unites Vietnam Joe and Bill in a group outing to track down the guy that stabbed John a few episodes ago. Or so he would have his believe. Because midway through this stakeout of the Mexican border, John passes out…

…and magically appears in front of Cissy, who is thinking about offing herself. Over Shaun’s snit fit earlier? Perhaps. Or maybe because she apparently molested Butchie in an acid-fueled haze, lo these many years ago. To which I say “yuck,” and may I just add “ewwwww.” So Cissy doesn’t shoot herself, nor does she gun down John.

Ah, but John’s not done appearing in front of people. He visits Cass in her hotel room to ask to borrow her camera. He appears before Linc to tell him to get back into the game. And both Linc and Cass appear at the Sung Harbor where everyone — Dickstein, Ramon, Cunningham, Butchie, even Palaka — is sprucing the place up for the grand re-opening. And then John appears to deliver some sort of freaky-deaky Sermon on the Mount in which — despite the fact that I am a proficient English-speaker — only two out of every five words makes any sort of sense. Oh, and Freddy plays the saxophone and Bill –yes, Bill appears there magically, too — plays the harmonica.

And after all this, John goes back to waiting with Vietnam Joe and Bill back at the border. “Well, this was time well spent,” Vietnam Joe says flatly. Hey, he said it, I didn’t.


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