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Big Love – Episode 6 (“Dating Game”)

Posted by g3tech on July 17, 2007

Bill is secretly dating Anna the diner waitress, and oddly enough, so is Margene, kind of. More on that in a minute. In other news, Ben gets his driver’s license, and his very first solo car trip is to his old bishop to confess that he’s been having lots and lots of sex. The bishop seems pretty non-judgmental about it, for now. Sarah gets busted for not telling Barb about Rhonda’s return and acquits herself quite well. This despite the fact that Rhonda has gone to the press with her story, which wouldn’t be so bad except that Nicki reacts in a Nicki-like manner. She goes after April Blessing and then Rhonda herself, which prompts Rhonda to tell some hair-raising lies about Henrickson home life to Heather’s dad, who is a Utah state trooper and also her temporary guardian. And that’s how Barb ends up threatening a police officer. Things are going predictably pear-shaped with Bill’s Weber Gaming deal, but in an unpredictable way; it turns out the company is also being pursued by another polygamist cult that’s way scarier than Roman Grant and Juniper Creek. By, like, a lot. Margene falls in secret-potential-sister-wife love with Anna, and Bill’s not happy when he finds out. Because, you know, he has to be in charge of everything. I suspect that’s the real reason he ends up dumping Anna, a move that seems to disappoint Margene most of all.


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