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So You Think You Can Dance – Top 12

Posted by g3tech on July 19, 2007

With only one week to our top 10, this week’s dances should be quite fantastic. Let’s see…

Cat reminds us that after this week, the couples will have to randomly choose their partners.

On to our judges, on the panel this week, is none other than super-amazing-ultra-fantastic choreographer Wade Robson. But since Wade is on the panel, that means he won’t be choreographing anything this week…

Each couples’ little video, this week, is going to be about what they think of each other. That should be interesting…

Sabra & Mr. D-Trix (Dominic, for all you fools) are gonna be opening the show this week, with a jive (which Anya & Danny did a while back). Sabra says that the worst thing about Dominic is that he drops her a lot and then Dom says that the worst thing about Sabra is that she doesn’t trust him with lifts and stunts because, according to him, he takes good care of her. AHH, how I love TV!! Tony Meredith is choreographing this little number. Their song is “I Do The Jerk” by Ryan Shaw. I found it quite entertaining and if you notice carefully, Sabra’s earring fell off and, at the end, Dominic fell off the stage and Sabra was all shocked but then Dom pops up, in front of the camera, and is all groovy. Everything’s chill here folks. They never stopped for a second, even when she lost her earring. Wade loves how they’re always focused and having fun, Mary thought that it was a great way to start the show and Mary compared them to Mt. Everest climbers. Nigel tells them, that besides Benji and Heidi, that they’re the best partners on the show. Nice.

My prediction: SAFE!!!

Jaimie & Hok, ze next ones, with a Tyce DiOrio broadway routine, alright this’ll be interesting. It appears that Jaimie split her toe open last week (that must’ve hurt…) This is supposed to be an older, classic musical piece, where Hok is an old man and he wants to dance (but he can’t) and Jaimie is his spirit (and he wishes that he can dance like her). Their song is “Mr. Bojangles” from Fosse (original broadway cast). I think they played their parts decently (their hummingbird/flower routine characters were better), and I thought it was nice (but not great or fantastic). Wade told Hok that he didn’t really connect with his character (he seemed more like a young boy than an old man) and tell Jaimie that she’s improved over the last few weeks. Mary didn’t really like it and she enjoyed Jaimie but thought that Hok lacked. Nigel thought that Jaimie’s lines were great but Hok was a bit of a disappointment. Wade adds that with this routine and his previous routine, there may have been a problem with Hok’s nerves.

My prediction: BOTTOM 3!!!!

Sara & Pasha, may think they can dance, but will they after they jazz? We’ll see. We also learn that both of them take a long time to get ready. Their choreographer is Mandy Moore and she’s a great fan of “jazz hands” and jazz hands are the most important part of their routine. The song is “Body Language” by Queen. It was a really strong performance and it was hot! A really great performance. Wade really liked the choreography, and comments on both of their versatility (and their being out of their style). Mary thought they did a great job. Nigel questions whether they gave off enough emotion for the audience and compliments Mandy on her choreography.

My prediction: SAFE!!!!

Lauren & Neil, after an amazing Wade choreography last week, will be doing a Mia Michaels contemporary routine, this week. From their video, we learn that, according to Lauren, Neil bombs at all his jokes, and Neil doesn’t like how Lauren never laughs at his awesome jokes. We also see just how brutal Mia Michaels’ choreography is to the body. Their song is obviously “Let The Drummer Kick” by Citizen Cope. I really quite enjoyed the outfits — winter hats, and swimming goggles, with dress shirts and a tie. There were a few moments where they weren’t completely in sync and I didn’t find it quite that amazing, but it definetly wasn’t bad but I think there may have been something missing — I’m not sure if it has to do with their performance or the choreography. Wade feels like Neil has really come alive the last few weeks and that their performance was extremely well executed. Mary wasn’t sure about the story but she liked it (she said it wasn’t great but it was good). Nigel thought it was the most technically difficult routine they’d seen tonight but he wasn’t sure if he’d enjoyed it because he wasn’t sure what it was about, he didn’t particularly enjoy it. Lauren explains what the story was… it was whatever you want it to be, Lauren chose for it to be “bank robber meets plumber”. Nigel adds that he didn’t enjoy the story that he had created from it.

My prediction: BOTTOM 3!!!!!

Anya & Danny, who were in the bottom last week, and who I still don’t enjoy, will be dancing the foxtrot next. Their video was really boring…. but we learnt, that last week, Anya had injured her ankle. Jean-Marc Genereux, a.k.a. Mr. Frenchie, will be choreographing them. Their song is “It Had To Be You” by Brian Evans. I have to admit, even though I don’t really like them to start with, I just didn’t enjoy the performance at all (maybe I just didn’t get it). Wade has never been moved by Danny before, but now he’s been moved by Danny and he thought Anya was beautiful (CAN’T THE JUDGES DISLIKE THEM FOR ONCE!!) Mary wasn’t surprised at how great they (supposedly) were and Anya was beautiful was elegant, and she screamed and thought it was the best of the night AND, of course, she has to remind that they have first class tickets on her train. Nigel thought that it was the best foxtrot ever! AND he added that “Dancing With The Stars” is going to have to rename to Dancing With The Celebrities because…. the stars are on this show.

My prediction: BOTTOM 3!!

Wrapping up the show is none other than Lacey & Kameron who are gonna be dancing hip hop. I expect it to blow me away, will it? Their choreographer is Dan Karaty (no Shane Sparks, maybe next week?) The scenario is boy-chasing-girl but the girl is nasty and the boy is shy and afraid to approach her. Apparently this is a role reversal. They’re dancing to Fergie’s “Here I Come”. I thought that it was hot (and Lacey was better than Kameron yet again). It was captivating, and at the end, Kameron kissed another girl. Oooo…. (Just kiddin) Wade thought that Kameron didn’t really dance IN the music and Lacey was a great performer but her emotion may be only one-dimentional but he didn’t really get that fire. Mary understands what Wade is saying about Kameron but she thinks that Lacey is right on. Nigel didn’t think that Kameron really brought it.

My prediction: SAFE!!!


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