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Big Love – Episode 8 (“Kingdom Come”)

Posted by g3tech on August 10, 2007

Bill’s feeling overwhelmed with work and the Weber Gaming deal, so he asks his wives for a night off per week, and Nicki takes it personally. Barb’s not thrilled either, and decides to cut Bill off. Except Margene doesn’t get the memo, and then there’s all manner of jealousy and twisted group dynamics, with the upshot that while Margene and Nicki still get some action, neither Barb nor Bill are budging. Until Barb agrees to two nights off per month, spent with his children. The Henricksons’ old bishop betrays Ben’s confidence by showing up at Barb’s house and revealing that Ben’s been visiting him; as a result, Ben is forced to confess to his parents that he and Brynn have been doing the nasty. He tries getting out of trouble by asking Brynn to marry him, and she actually agrees. Until, that is, Barb sits her down for a heart-to-heart about the travails of a first wife, and she breaks up with him. Bill eases Ben’s broken heart by making him a priesthood holder. Frank has found Lois’s stash and cleaned her out, but he wants more. So Lois ends up betraying Bill, which results in Frank showing up at Home Plus asking for a cut and threatening to expose where Uncle Eddie’s piece of the earnest money really came from (and it’s not the Laundromat). Still, Bill continues to play both sides of the Greene/Grant conflict, but he blows it badly enough that he has to call in the ATF to save his own ass from the pissed-off Greenes. Hollis, Selma, and most of the rest of their cult flee across the state line. But two were left behind, which is more than enough to shoot Roman and leave him bleeding on the sidewalk. Dead or not dead? The preview for next week isn’t much help.


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