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John From Cincinnati – Episode 9 (“His Visit: Day Eight”)

Posted by g3tech on August 10, 2007

The Big News: Shaun is totally missing. We should have listened to that nonsense-spewing weirdo when we had the chance.

So yeah, Cissy goes into Shaun’s bedroom one morning, and while his wetsuit and skateboard and juggling balls are there, he is most definitely not. As you can expect, Cissy freaks right the hell out. As you might not expect, everyone leaps into action — Butchie confronts Cass about John’s whereabouts and slugs Linc and winds up believing that wherever Shaun and John have gone off to, they’re going to return no worse for wear. Linc makes noises about hiring a private investigator and comforts Tina, who has concluded that, somehow, this is all her fault. Dickstein composes a response to Shaun’s abductors. Ramon cooks many, many hot dogs. Dr. Smith comforts a very unhinged Cunningham. Freddy prays to God, though honestly, it sounds more like a threat. Vietnam Joe enlists the help of his VFW buddies to comb the neighborhood looking for Shaun. Bill looks up his old friend Anderson from the police force, who proves surprising receptive to helping Bill out. Everyone deciphers the stick figure messages that start appearing in Avon catalogs and on the wall of the Snug Harbor bar.

The Unfortunate News: Zippy also disappears. Oh Zippy — would that it were any one of a number of characters other than you. Daphne. Dwayne. Mitch. Yes — Mitch. I would definitely be OK with Mitch’s disappearance.

The Really Unfortunate News: Mitch comes back from Mexico and he brings the guy who used to play Dr. Johnny Fever with him. Cissy is as delighted to see him as you would expect — i.e., not very — though Mitch does overcome his astounding self-absorption to aid in the Shaun recovery efforts.

The Unexpected News: I…uh…kinda liked this episode. I know, I know — I’m as unsettled by this as the rest of you.


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