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So You Think You Can Dance – Top 8 Results Show

Posted by g3tech on August 10, 2007

The group dance opens the show to the song “Get Up” by Ciara. It was choreographed by Shane Sparks. And it was crazzzzzy!!!!!!

The results are up after the break.

Actually the solos are, starting with the girls, here we go:

1) Sara (song: “Get It Off” by Big Daddy Kane)

2) Lacey (song: “I’m Doing Everything” by Rocket Summer)

3) Sabra (song: “Better Not Touch” by Shemekia Copeland)

4) Lauren (song: “Last Night” by P. Diddy ft. Keyshia Cole)

The break is over and the guys are up:

5) Neil (song: “Better Man” by James Morrison)

6) Danny (song: “Fever” by Elvis Presley)

7) Dominic (song: “She’s A Bad Mama Jama (She’s Built, She’s Stacked))

8) Pasha (song: “Scott and Fran’s Paso Doble from Strictly Ballroom (soundtrack))

After the break, we’re going to be told the results. No really. We are. Stop laughing. I’m telling you the truth.

The show has returned and the girls are lined up first.

Out of Sara and Lacey, who is in the bottom 2 girls? It’s Sara. I’m not surprised, Lacey has waaaay more fans than her.

Out of Sabra and Lauren, who is in the bottom 2 with Sara? It’s Lauren. Once again, I’m not surprised, because Sabra is freakin amazing.

—–America absolutely got it right!!!!!!——

The guys are gonna be linin up after the break. It’s gonna be really hard to call this one, I don’t think I’ll even be able to say whether America got it right or not, well let’s see. Although I have to say from last night, my favorite two guys were Pasha and Neil (even though I love Dominic!!).

Out of Neil and Danny, who will be in the bottom 2 guys? Unfortunately, it’s Neil.

Out of Dominic and Pasha, who will be joining Neil? It’s Dominic.

—-America didn’t get it right because NEIL SHOULD’VE BEEN SAFE!!!!——

One Republic performs their song “Apologize”.

Commercial and results are after the break…

The bottom 4 is Lauren & Sara and Neil & Dominic.

After 8 million votes, the girl going home is Sara.

The boy going home is Dominic.


One Response to “So You Think You Can Dance – Top 8 Results Show”

  1. smiley said

    pasha is the BEST LOve ya!

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