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So You Think You Can Dance – Top 8

Posted by g3tech on August 10, 2007

This recap of the top 8 is coming a bit late since I haven’t been home to write the recaps but have no fear in the next four hours of my life (my own little SYTYCD marathon), I will be caught up with all the going-ons in the SYTYCD world and I’ll have the first of three recaps for today, right here. Yes, right in this post. Don’t believe me, read on.

Anyways, in my world, not yours, unless of course, like me, you haven’t watched for the last two weeks (which deserves a nice “shame on you” by the way), there are 8 dancers left.

Once again joining our panel tonight is Mr. Adam Shankman, who’s the director/choreographer of Hairspray which is one hell of a happy fantastic dancing/singing bonanza of fun. Go see it.

Each couple is performing two dances tonight. The dance world is getting exciting.

First couple up is Danny & Sara (unfortunately for Danny, his wish didn’t come true – he was hoping for Britney Spears as his partner, oh well). They’re gonna be dancing the argentine tango and hip hop (two polarly opposite dances). Alex Da Silva is their choreographer for the tango. The song is “Whatever Lola Wants (Gotan Project Remix)” by Sarah Vaughan & Gotan Project. Will they bring the sexy to the dance floor? Hmm… I definetly thought so and I think it was pretty hot (although, for some reason, I felt like there was a bit lacking but otherwise it was great). Adam thought it could’ve been a mismatch but it turned out to be un-beepin-real and he said that Sara is the most transformed dancer on the show and Danny is the best male dancer ever on the show. Mary loved it and Nigel would’ve liked a bit more from Sara and thought that Danny’s pirouettes were ridiculous.

After the break, Dominic & Lauren are going to be krumping (and later on they will be doing the rumba). Lil C is their krump choreographer. The song is “I Get Money” by 50 Cent. I definetly see a lot of attitude from both of them and it was a cool dance but I didn’t feel anything different towards them in terms of their dance skill. Adam thought they were hot and they were in character and that the dance didn’t really show them off as dancers but he still gives them two thumbs up. Mary felt that the first half had a lot of energy but the second half died down a little. Nigel felt that, with Krumping, it’s supposed to be tougher than hip hop, but he didn’t feel that. He also disliked the song and called it unrhythmical.

Next up is going to be Neil & Lacey with something called a “latin jazz” routine and, for their second dance, contemporary. Maria Torres is their choreographer. The song is “Acid” by Ray Barretto. And Neil is dancing without a shirt, the ladies are screaming no doubt. I thought it was pretty hot. Adam said that if Neil gets a lot of votes, this show is going to become “So You Think You Can Dance In The Nude?” (If I’m not mistaken all the guys, except maybe Dominic have all danced without a shirt at some point in the competition). Adam loved it and thought they were beautiful dancers and gives it two thumbs up. Mary thought the chemistry wasn’t there and thought some of the latin dancing lacked. Nigel loved the music, loved the choreography but not their performance. And he felt that they danced like dance school pupils.

And last up, is Pasha & Sabra doing some broadway and the quick step. Their broadway choreographer is none other than Tyce DiOrio. It’s going to be a wild party, will it really? Well it’s going to be a party because the song is “A Wild Wild Party” by The Wild Party (off broadway cast). But how will their performance be? I really enjoyed it. Adam thought that he was surprised and they got what he’d been talking about all along “character and overall performance”. And they got it. He also thought that Sabra was mindblowing. Mary thought that Pasha was also amazing. And she loved all of it. Nigel thought that they proved why they were here and he said that it was another great choreography by Tyce.

After the break, round 2 of the dances are heading our way, starting with….

Danny & Sara with some hip hop, choreographed by Shane Sparks to the song “Push It” by Salt-N-Pepa. At some points, I felt that they were completely out of sync and, for most of it, they weren’t together. It definetly wasn’t what I had expected. I think Sara brought it and Danny didn’t but it was hard to tell especially when they weren’t together. Adam thought that, first of all, they must’ve been punk’d by wardrobe, and that they were awesome and that they are the most versatile couple. Mary didn’t feel it, she thought it wasn’t hard-hitting enough. Nigel felt that they both went for it but they didn’t get there together.

Second couple of round 2 is Dominic & Lauren with a rumba, choreographed by Tony Meredith to the song “Ain’t No Sunshine” by Bill Withers. Will they indeed raise the temperature? Let’s check it out. Wow! I really enjoyed it although I don’t know how their technique was, I thought that the dance was hot. Adam thought that they had a lot of chemistry but he felt that it didn’t look like a rumba. Mary felt that it was a little too stiff and she felt mixed. Nigel enjoyed the wardrobe and agreed with Mary and added that the choreographers change their choreography towards the dancers instead of having the dancers going up to the choreographers’ level.

Lacey & Neil are going to be performing a very emotional Mia Michaels’ contemporary routine. The story is a reunion in heaven between Mia and her father who she lost to lung cancer. Lacey represents Mia and Neil represents her dad. Both of the dancers feel like they must do it well for Mia. Will they? The song is “Time” by Billy Porter. That really did it for me! I truly, truly FELT that routine and it was absolutely beautiful. It also seems that Lacey is in all of my favorite of Mia’s routines. Adam thanked Mia for that routine and he loved what they did and said it’s going to go down as one of the great dance performances on television. Mary drew them a heart (and was crying) and Nigel tells us that Mia, who is Emmy nominated for her Heidi & Travis park bench routine from last season and he wonders how she could’ve choreographed a meeting between their late father and themselves and then just ask you to dance as if no one was watching. And he said they both did it and they danced with emotion and he was touched by it and it was one of the most beautiful things he has ever seen. MY FAVORITE ROUTINE OF THE NIGHT!!!!

Ending the night is Pasha & Sabra with the dance of death, the quickstep, choreographed by Tony Meredith. The song is “Mr. Pinstripe Suit” by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. I thought they absolutely brought it!! It was really awesome!! Adam thought that it was awesome. Mary said it was an incredibly difficult routine and they just tore it up. Nigel thought that they were the best couple of the night.


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