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Big Love – Episode 9 (“Circle The Wagons”)

Posted by g3tech on August 13, 2007

Roman survived his shooting last week, but he’s in and out of surgery, and his fate remains uncertain. Bill tells his wives about the acquisition he’s working on. Nicki’s for it, Barb’s against, and Margene decides to enjoy her status as the swing vote. But then Ben nearly queers the whole deal by reacting badly to the news that a Home Plus coworker used to date Margene. It’s complicated. Lois is playing the whole family trying to get back into favor — and, more importantly, back into her money — and after learning that Frank is secretly loaded (not even counting the bribe Bill paid him to make Lois first wife), she decides she wants a divorce. On the compound, Adaleen is still shutting Nicki out, and Joey’s “trying out” the Principle, which is not entirely to Bill’s approval. And of course Roman’s state has left a power vacuum at the head of the UEB. Bill tries to step in with a suggestion to bring in an outside trustee who totally won’t be Bill’s puppet at all. How gullible can that board be? Pretty gullible, because Bill’s finesse and corporate-speak are no match for Alby’s shameless claim to having received a testimony naming him as Roman’s proxy. Especially when Adaleen and a gullible Creeker back Alby. They won’t be so happy about their little coup when they get back to the office and find that someone (Nicki) has made off with all the fat bricks of cash they had lying around. When the Henrickson spouses vote on Weber Gaming, Barb is outvoted as the lone dissenter. She pretends to take it gracefully, but she’s not any better at pretending than she was at winning the other wives over to her side. And will Nicki find something to fill the void left by her former shopping addiction? Bingo!


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