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Big Love – Episode 10 (“The Happiest Girl”)

Posted by g3tech on August 14, 2007

Bill’s going to a gaming convention in Nevada in connection with Weber Gaming to meet up with his new clients, but Barb begs off, still not on board with the whole idea yet. Margene is only too happy to go in Barb’s place, in order to (a) enjoy a hotel/spa weekend; (b) have a turn at being Bill’s public wife; and (c) have the honeymoon she and Bill never had. But then they end up running into friends from Bill’s other life, and Margene takes it hard when Bill demotes her to “secretary” and calls Barb down to the rescue.

As the only wife left at home, Nicki tries to throw an engagement party for Joey, Wanda, and Kathy. The sixty grand she stole from the UEB office helps make that happen, but something else from there gets in her way: Alby, who’s pissed at her for skipping his testimony meeting last week, forcing her to host the party at home. Alby’s got other balls in the air as well. The first is his insistence on bringing Roman home to die, although he claims that’s not his aim. The second is an offer from Frank, who thinks his sons sold him out to Lois and has decided to get his revenge by offering to spy on them for Alby in exchange for Kathy. Yes, that would be Joey’s Kathy. And of course Alby takes him up on it. Alby shows up at the party, accuses Nicki of the theft, and accidentally goads her into spilling the beans about Weber Gaming.

On the Rhonda front, she may finally have overreached, threatening to out Heather, falsely or not, as Sarah’s lesbian admirer. And Sarah’s restored friendship with Heather has an unintended consequence, which is to make her vulnerable to the meddling of April Blessing.

Back in Nevada, Bill proves to his potential new clients that he’s not “squeaky clean” by outing himself to them. Barb’s freaked out, but Margene sees a chance to be “Mrs. Henrickson” in part of Bill’s life. Things end on an ambiguous note, with Barb not speaking, Bill in bed alone, Roman soaking up a potent cocktail of painkillers and sedatives injected into his IV by Alby’s wife, and Rhonda singing “The Happiest Girl in the Whole U.S.A.” on TV, in an extremely unconvincing way.


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