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So You Think You Can Dance – Top 6 Results Show

Posted by g3tech on August 14, 2007

Welcome to the second to last results show of SYTYCD. As hopefully you know, later this week, on thursday to be exact, we will crown America’s NEW favorite dancer. 

The show begins with a wild group routine, danced to the song “2:19” by Tom Waits. They’re dressed in rags and various shades of mold and other nice green stuff. They fight their way out from under a net to start, as fog spills over the stage, and spend the next couple of minutes hopping and kicking and shaking like undead creatures in search of fresh brains. The women jump on the men’s backs and ride them for a while. Tongues get poked out. Do I even need to tell you this was Wade Robson’s piece?

Anyways, Cat comes out and announces that ten and a half million votes were cast. That’s pretty awesome.

Debbie Allen is back on the table again, and Cat wants to know: what’s up with Cedric? You know, the dude you gave a scholarship to. Sound vaguely familiar? Debbie says Cedric is enrolled and has sponsors and housing, and they’ve been hanging out. Chillaxing. Then Cat asks about the show’s “next guest,” because in an amazing coincidence, Debbie knows him! This guy’s name is Titus Fotso, whom Debbie calls “the gentle giant,” and she discovered him when she was producing Amistad and he’s amazing and blah blah blah. Cat says, “Well, he’s here to perform tonight, would you like to see him?” Debbie says, “Wow! Yes!” like this is all a big surprise to her. Four men with African drums are set up on the back steps of the stage, and Titus comes down the stairs, shaking his body to the rhythms of the African Dance Music Ensemble . It’s pretty amazing, and a nice demonstration of dance-as-culture that this show kind of lacks — we could do with more of this and fewer routines with jazz hands. Maybe that’s why I like the hip-hop on this show so much — it seems more authentic to me, people like Hok and Sara learning moves on the street instead of the privileged kids learning how to move around the stage like hummingbirds.


The girls are gonna perform solos first.

1) Sabra (song: “I Gotcha” from Fosse (original broadway cast))

2) Lauren (song: “Heartbreaker” by Pat Benatar)

3) Lacey (song: “What I Like About You” by Lillix)

Nothing absolutely extraordinary or amazing about any of these solos.

After the commercial, the guys are doin’ their solos:

4) Pasha (“Zoot Suit Riot” by Cherry Poppin’ Daddies)

5) Neil (“All That I Am” by Rob Thomas)

6) Danny (“2 The Sky” by Robin Thicke)

So in this show’s own version of Idol Cares…This Week, it’s something the show arranged through the L.A.’s mayor’s office: Choreographers will be passing on their expertise to after-school dance teachers in some of L.A.’s most challenged neighbourhoods.

The first session took place in South Central L.A., and we see Nigel talking to a bunch of dance instructors in a gym, and then some woman who doesn’t get identified thanks the show because their dance instructors will get help from the best in the world. Nigel tells a bunch of bored-looking instructors that they’ll give them the “seeds” to bring back to their pupils. And this way, people won’t forget that dancing even exists, which is apparently what normally happens when So You Think You Can Dance goes off the air. Thanks, crazy British guy! They’re going to be doing hip-hop with Shane Sparks and contemporary with Mia Michaels. To Nigel, this is awesome because they’d never get the chance to do contemporary with Mia Michaels in their entire lives. He says these words out loud, and I’m not sure he realizes that I can think of bigger tragedies. But I do like the idea of charity programs that aren’t about just money or food. I like the idea of programs that might find a spark in a student who might not otherwise get the chance to dance (even if the poor guy never ever gets choreographed by Mia Michaels — can you even imagine?). Shane works the crowd through some hip-hop moves, and then the six finalists are trotted out to be pretend celebrities.

And now a performance by Lil’ C and Tha Nephz-Squad, they’re krumping to the song “Nephz Up” by J-Squad. From this performance, you can see how you’re really supposed to krump. Check how how hard they hit each move and how tough their attitudes are. Some people have told me that they didn’t really understand what was going on — all they saw were some wild movements and some arm flapping. But you don’t have to understand the moves, it’s all about “hittin’ it hard”.

Now that we’re back from the commercial, Cat decides to recap the girls first. The first person in the finale is none other than……….LACEY! Will Sabra or Lauren join her? We’ll find out after one break or another.

There’s another commercial…..

The guys performances were recapped next. The first guy in the finale is none other than………. DANNY!

Then this: Cat announces they have some “bad news” for the studio audience. The audience is already upset, even though they don’t know what’s going on. “As you know, tonight we are not broadcasting live. The show you’re watching at home was recorded on Thursday. This is so that the top four have time to rehearse for the finale.” Well — wouldn’t they have had the exact same amount of time if the show was broadcast last week? I get it — they weren’t going to be able to broadcast, but did the show anyway. Okay. Sounds all right. Except this part’s not going to sit right with the audience: “To protect the integrity of the show and ensure the viewers at home get the results at the same time as everybody else, we’ve decided to clear the studio and create a lockdown situation, before we reveal who your votes have sent home.” Wow. Cat says “lockdown situation” like there’s been a bomb threat.

The boos start to rain down as Cat asks the audience to leave.

Back from the break, the theatre is indeed empty. Everyone’s gone home except for “the essential crew”.

The girls are about to find out their fates: which one will make it into the finale, will it be Sabra or Lauren?

The answer is…….. SABRA!

Which means that Lauren won’t be making it to the finale.

The judges do their best to make their applause fill up the entire hall (it’s actually really funny to listen to!).

Cat asks the judges what they think. Nigel says, “Lauren knows, I’ve said before, that Lauren was always going to be one of my favourite dancers in this competition. She should be very proud of herself to be here now.” He says she peaked a little too late for the public. Mary says she loved Lauren from the second she saw her, and has graced the stage with “class” and “elegance.” Debbie spouts some of her nonsense about how Lauren has been part of a show that has “evangelized” dance and so the world will know her name. I do not believe any of these things to be true. But Debbie’s so nice. Lauren says she had a wonderful time performing for everyone, and it’s the best opportunity she’s ever had.

Now the guys turn to find out who will make it and who won’t be making it, will it be Pasha or Neil?

The guy making it to the finale is…………. NEIL!

I was actually quite surprised by Pasha going home. I was sure he was going to make it!!

Neil almost doesn’t react at first — I think he was genuinely surprised. Pasha accepts the verdict with grace.

Nigel tells him that he’s grown every week and is a wonderful partner. “Outside of your dancing, you’re such a warm, charismatic person,” he says, adding that Pasha is a “charming gentleman” and was a pleasure to have on the show. Cat points out that Pasha’s one of her favourites. “He is one of my favourites, and it is really hard,” she says, waving a hand in front of her face. She calls him a “great ambassador” for ballroom dancing, and she is genuinely near tears. Awww. Debbie goes on about ten and a half million people knowing his name, and so he should take some acting lessons because there’s no end of the road for him, and blah blah blah. Yep, ten and a half million people know his name, Debbie, and those ten and a half million people liked the other two guys better.

Make sure to check out the finale on wednesday and thursday, both days at 8.

See you soon.


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