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Hidden Palms – Episode 8 (Finale) (“Second Chances”)

Posted by g3tech on July 6, 2007

Previously: Greta kept tearfully confessing things, Dead Eddie”s mom was a ho-bag, and there was video evidence of Liza sleeping with Dead Eddie.

Johnny shows up at Liza”s garagabatory, spinning his wheels about exactly how guilty Maria and Skip are. He seems to believe that, had Skip simply killed Eddie, Maria wouldn”t be blackmailing him, which means Maria must have done something. Meanwhile, it looks like Tess has spent the whole night staring at her sleeping son and letting the cigarettes burn down to her fingers. Cliff cannily “explains” his and Maria”s affair, making sure to couch Maria in the most predatory and betraying light possible, which totally gets Tess back on his side. Back at her place, Maria watches video on a laptop of Eddie tearfully telling his video diary that “my mom knows I know,” followed by Maria walking in on him. They start to argue, but Maria shuts the laptop before we see anything illuminating.

Nikki”s waitressing at the Club now, because it is the number one and indeed only employer in Palm Springs, and she has to ward off Cliff”s attempts at an apology. And since Johnny currently suspects Maria of killing Eddie, he”s cool with Cliff again, and Cliff agrees to try and score Eddie”s laptop — which Johnny believes holds incriminating video diaries — in exchange for Johnny putting in a good word for him with Nikki. Greta voices her suspicions about Maria to Skip, who changes the subject by turning it into another round of Greta And Skip Sing “Papa Was A Rolling Stone.”

Karen”s been stress baking due to her ongoing fight with Bob, and she and Johnny reverse roles, with Johnny now being the calm pro-Bob voice and Karen refusing to shut up about Johnny”s dad. Cliff tries for a grand gesture of roses, but Nikki cuts him down before he can get the charm levels above sixty. Though she can”t seem to stop staring at him as he walks away either. Turns out Cliff was walking over to Maria”s table on the patio. He half-heartedly tries to romance her, but they”re interrupted by Tess. That”s Palm Springs for you. Can”t even seduce your dead best friend”s mom without getting cock-blocked by your own mom. Maria defends herself to Tess with a line of “you don”t know what I”ve been though” bullshit about Eddie, even though Eddie was perfectly alive when the affair started. Tess says she pities Maria, and Maria tells her to shove it.

While Johnny and Greta are busy awkwardly making out so as to avoid talking about whether Skip and Maria were doing it (seriously), Cliff shows up at Maria”s house ready for some half-hearted and depressing nookie. While she”s fetching him a robe, Cliff snoops around for Eddie”s laptop, and rather than just hightailing it out of there with it, he opens it and starts fishing around on it like a total moron. He discovers Eddie”s creepy and sad comprehensive video library of his entire life, but before he can play any of the clips, Maria shuts him down and screams at him to get out. So now Cliff voices his suspicions to Johnny — in a manic, overly-wordy diatribe that could only have been penned by Williamson — that “Psycho Maria” really might have done something. Next thing we know, Johnny”s riding his bike to the Club when he runs into Dead-Eyed Maria, who wants to know why Johnny”s so obsessed about finding out about her kid. Johnny repeats the stuff about his dad”s suicide and also the Divine Right of Bedrooms stuff that always sounds so stupid. Dead-Eyed Maria looks like she left her last shreds of sanity in her other pants, by the way.

True to his word, Johnny tries to upsell Nikki on Cliff while she works at what appears to be the Club”s soda shop. That place is like the Mall of America, I swear. While Nikki continues to blunder about her new job, Johnny shares his latest suspicions to Liza, who is immediately very much in favor of retrieving Eddie”s laptop.

Skip shows up poolside at Maria”s house to menace her about her blackmailing him and sleeping with Cliff. Maria, falling apart more and more, cries that she and Skip are in this together — that she sacrificed everything, including her son, to be with him. But Skip has nothing but contempt for Maria, and — manhandling her and nearly choking her out — he tells her to pack up her shit and leave Palm Springs. The next day, Skip sees Johnny by the docks on the outskirts of town…no wait, it”s at the country club. Sorry. Anyway, Skip tries to convince Johnny to drop the whole investigation into Eddie”s death on account of it not being good for Greta to dwell on such dark thoughts. This, along with the fact that Skip outs himself as Maria”s lawyer, makes Johnny even more suspicious, because he”s not that much of an idiot, right? No, in fact Johnny is that much of an idiot. He tells Liza that Skip being Maria”s lawyer makes him less likely to be guilty of something. The “why”s and “how come”s of that scenario will only make your head hurt so don”t bother.

Nikki, meanwhile, can”t seem to serve ice water without grandly fucking it up, so distracted is she by thoughts of Cliff. This leads to Jessie Jo trying to help Nikki pull it together and getting the absolute line of the night, and probably of the series: “We can”t kill him, girl. He lives here.” He does his usual twang-talkin” hoodoo that he does and convinces Nikki to keep on taking it one day at a time or whatever the twelve-steppers like to say.

Liza reads Johnny the riot act for essentially choosing Greta over the truth, and Johnny fires back that he knows Liza slept with Eddie the night he died. Johnny thinks they all need to forget about this and get on with their lives. In about fifteen minutes, kid. Liza vows to find the proof that Maria killed Eddie, with or without Johnny.

Karen and Bob…still cannot make anyone care about their storyline. Nikki, however, decides to give Cliff a second chance, because those sociopaths still do manage to be wildly appealing sometimes.

Liza breaks into Casa Nolan to try to retrieve Eddie”s laptop, but in the dark, she literally trips over Maria”s dead body. She has a gun in her hand, so it”s apparently a suicide, though is it ever really suicide in Palm Springs? Liza calls Johnny, who shows up after the police have arrived, and right before Greta. Liza thinks this proves that Maria was the one who killed Eddie, and she collapses, crying, onto Greta”s shoulder.

To the strains of Coldplay — actual Coldplay this time, and not the knockoff Coldplay that”s usually heard at this stage of the episode — all of Palm Springs, including Tess, Cliff, and Nikki, show up to gape at Maria”s crime scene. Nobody seems to notice Skip make off with Eddie”s laptop. Cliff actually expresses concern over another human being, asking Johnny if this helps him get closure on his dad”s death. Johnny”s too busy reminding himself to inhale and exhale to respond.

Later on, Greta expresses her gratitude for her newfound peace of mind about Eddie”s death to Johnny. She sees Johnny out and then has an insincere moment of closure with Skip, who”s as squirrelly as you please, placing a framed photo of Greta”s mom on the table. Johnny gets home and sees the email message he didn”t have time to read when Liza called. Coldplay helpfully shuts up so we can devote all our concentration to this last-second plot twist. The email is from Maria, right before she died, and it”s a video clip of Eddie confronting Maria and Skip. Eddie accuses them both of killing Greta”s mother and says he”s going to tell Greta. Skip has a gun, he and Eddie struggle, and Eddie gets shot. DUN! Over! We can only hope Skip decided to kill Greta as a way of tying up loose ends after the show ended. Farewell, Hidden Palms. You were kind of interesting for a second there.

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Hidden Palms Season Finale (“Second Chances”)

Posted by g3tech on June 30, 2007

Here’s the trailer for the Hidden Palms season finale:

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Hidden Palms – “Stand By Your Woman” (Ep. 7)

Posted by g3tech on June 28, 2007

The penultimate episode of yet another CW to die.

Here’s the trailer for this episode and the episode before (“Dangerous Liaisons”):

Check out Hidden Palms’ site at the CW, for pics, downloads and episode descriptions here

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