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So You Think You Can Dance – Top 4

Posted by g3tech on August 16, 2007

Welcome to part one of our SYTYCD finale! At the end of the four hours of the two part finale, either Lacey, Sabra, Danny or Neil will have won the crown of “America’s Favorite Dancer”. Time to begin….

The judging panel who began the show in New York, will be the same panel ending it, in other words, Dan Karaty is on the panel.

Nigel tells us that SYTYCD will be back for another season!! Whoo!!

BLAH BLAH BLAH…. (more useless judge talk)

We get to watch a video of the top 4’s best moments.

To start the night, the top 4 are going to be dancing a Tyce DiOrio broadway routine. He describes it as “slick and sophisticated”. Apparently, they only had an hour and a half to learn this routine, or at least, that’s what Sabra tells us. Tyce expects them to be “Brilliant” (with a capital B), let’s hope so, this is the top 4 after all. The song is “Mein Herr” by Liza Minnelli (Cabaret soundtrack).

All the dancers will be dancing with each other, which includes guys with guys and girls with girls.

First, we find out a bit about Lacey, and then Lacey takes to the floor with a solo to the song “Technologic” by Daft Punk.

Sabra & Neil get together with Shane Sparks for a hip hop routine. And it’s supposed to be as sexy as Nigel is british. The song is “Whine Up” by Kat DeLuna. I liked it but it just wasn’t great, it wasn’t finale-worthy dancing. Nigel thought that it wasn’t as funky as he would’ve liked and Neil was a bit too stiff and he felt that Sabra wasn’t strong enough. Mary expected more and was disappointed. Dan thought that it was a bit too bouncy, there shouldn’t be so many faces.

Commercial break time!

Lacey & Danny will be dancing a Jean Marc Genereux viennese waltz. Lacey & Danny are apparently good friends and they have a lot of inside jokes and they talk a lot. With all the talking, Jean Marc felt like they were in kindergarten and he’s a french teacher trying to teach english and then he tells them “YOU GET THE RYDEM IN YOR BODAY!” There’s some really funny stuff in their video. They’re dancing to the song “Keep Holding On” by Avril Lavigne. I thought it was excellent, both the dancing and the performance. Nigel thought it was soo good, it was like they were ice skating. Mary thought it was effortless and they got a standing ovation and a scream from her. Dan felt that they were both incredible and amazing.

Next, we find out a bit more about Neil, and then he dances a solo to the song “Gravity” by Shawn McDonald.

Lacey & Sabra are taking on a Wade Robson routine, where they’re a mother fox (Lacey) and a baby fox (Sabra). The song is “Koyal (Songbird)” by Nitin Sawhney. It was an interesting routine, not exceptional, but not bad either. Nigel called it “extraordinary… Thank goodness he told us they were two little foxes”. He felt that Lacey could have been a “velociraptor”. He says he didn’t get it, and finds it difficult to judge the dancers, with that routine. He’s not sure this was the right time for Wade (whom Nigel says is one of his favourite choreographers) to experiment. Mary agrees. Dan says that there are going to be people who loved that and people who hated it.

Now, we find out some stuff about Danny, and then he does a solo (which involved a record amount of jumps and spins) to the song “We Are The Champions” by Gavin DeGraw.

Now that the girls have danced together it’s the guys turn. They’re going to be doing a Mia Michaels’ routine. This should be crazy since both of them dance contemporary. They’re both going to be princes battling for the throne. Since Nigel like masculine dances, they’re doing it for him. The song is “Are You The One” by the Presets. I really enjoyed this routine, especially the part where Danny claps in Neil’s face, the look on Neil’s face was priceless. Nigel loved it and sait that it was indeed very masculine. Mary also loved it and thought that it was very believable. Dan also enjoyed it.

Sabra’s last, and of course, we learn stuff about her, like that she’s travelled a lot, and then she performs her solo to the song “Wonderful World” by James Morrison.

More commercials (and a commercial for “American Band” — the show that’s like American Idol, but with, you won’t believe it, BANDS!)

Lacey & Neil are now going to perform a lindy hop, choreographed by Nick Williams, which involves lots of flips and lifts and all that fun stuff. Their song is “Bill’s Bounce” by the Big Elliot Swing Orchestra. It’s going to be really hard. It started really strong, but then they started to lose energy. It was fun, don’t get me wrong but it kinda lacked a bit but, in the end, I still enjoyed it. Nigel tells them how hard the dance is, especially in keeping the energy up all the way through it. He also says Lacey used her partner a whole lot better. Mary loved it. And they’re on the hot tamale train, and then she screams. Dan thought the dance was awesome, and anyone who didn’t enjoy it is just a boring person.

Final performance of the night is Sabra & Danny doing a cha cha, and their choreographer is Melanie LaPatin. The song is “Gotta Get Done” by Celia Cruz. It was awesome! And I loved it. Nigel felt that it was a shame they haven’t partnered before, since they work so well together. Mary critiqued the first half of their performancce but about halfway through, they started to relax and show off their personalities and, by the end, she thought they’d nailed it. Dan thought the beginning was okay, and the second half was waaayy better.

Tomorrow: the top 20 are featured, there will be special guests, and Cat will be…dancing…with Nigel?

Stay tuned.

See your top 10 faves on the SYTYCD tour.

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So You Think You Can Dance – Top 6 Results Show

Posted by g3tech on August 14, 2007

Welcome to the second to last results show of SYTYCD. As hopefully you know, later this week, on thursday to be exact, we will crown America’s NEW favorite dancer. 

The show begins with a wild group routine, danced to the song “2:19” by Tom Waits. They’re dressed in rags and various shades of mold and other nice green stuff. They fight their way out from under a net to start, as fog spills over the stage, and spend the next couple of minutes hopping and kicking and shaking like undead creatures in search of fresh brains. The women jump on the men’s backs and ride them for a while. Tongues get poked out. Do I even need to tell you this was Wade Robson’s piece?

Anyways, Cat comes out and announces that ten and a half million votes were cast. That’s pretty awesome.

Debbie Allen is back on the table again, and Cat wants to know: what’s up with Cedric? You know, the dude you gave a scholarship to. Sound vaguely familiar? Debbie says Cedric is enrolled and has sponsors and housing, and they’ve been hanging out. Chillaxing. Then Cat asks about the show’s “next guest,” because in an amazing coincidence, Debbie knows him! This guy’s name is Titus Fotso, whom Debbie calls “the gentle giant,” and she discovered him when she was producing Amistad and he’s amazing and blah blah blah. Cat says, “Well, he’s here to perform tonight, would you like to see him?” Debbie says, “Wow! Yes!” like this is all a big surprise to her. Four men with African drums are set up on the back steps of the stage, and Titus comes down the stairs, shaking his body to the rhythms of the African Dance Music Ensemble . It’s pretty amazing, and a nice demonstration of dance-as-culture that this show kind of lacks — we could do with more of this and fewer routines with jazz hands. Maybe that’s why I like the hip-hop on this show so much — it seems more authentic to me, people like Hok and Sara learning moves on the street instead of the privileged kids learning how to move around the stage like hummingbirds.


The girls are gonna perform solos first.

1) Sabra (song: “I Gotcha” from Fosse (original broadway cast))

2) Lauren (song: “Heartbreaker” by Pat Benatar)

3) Lacey (song: “What I Like About You” by Lillix)

Nothing absolutely extraordinary or amazing about any of these solos.

After the commercial, the guys are doin’ their solos:

4) Pasha (“Zoot Suit Riot” by Cherry Poppin’ Daddies)

5) Neil (“All That I Am” by Rob Thomas)

6) Danny (“2 The Sky” by Robin Thicke)

So in this show’s own version of Idol Cares…This Week, it’s something the show arranged through the L.A.’s mayor’s office: Choreographers will be passing on their expertise to after-school dance teachers in some of L.A.’s most challenged neighbourhoods.

The first session took place in South Central L.A., and we see Nigel talking to a bunch of dance instructors in a gym, and then some woman who doesn’t get identified thanks the show because their dance instructors will get help from the best in the world. Nigel tells a bunch of bored-looking instructors that they’ll give them the “seeds” to bring back to their pupils. And this way, people won’t forget that dancing even exists, which is apparently what normally happens when So You Think You Can Dance goes off the air. Thanks, crazy British guy! They’re going to be doing hip-hop with Shane Sparks and contemporary with Mia Michaels. To Nigel, this is awesome because they’d never get the chance to do contemporary with Mia Michaels in their entire lives. He says these words out loud, and I’m not sure he realizes that I can think of bigger tragedies. But I do like the idea of charity programs that aren’t about just money or food. I like the idea of programs that might find a spark in a student who might not otherwise get the chance to dance (even if the poor guy never ever gets choreographed by Mia Michaels — can you even imagine?). Shane works the crowd through some hip-hop moves, and then the six finalists are trotted out to be pretend celebrities.

And now a performance by Lil’ C and Tha Nephz-Squad, they’re krumping to the song “Nephz Up” by J-Squad. From this performance, you can see how you’re really supposed to krump. Check how how hard they hit each move and how tough their attitudes are. Some people have told me that they didn’t really understand what was going on — all they saw were some wild movements and some arm flapping. But you don’t have to understand the moves, it’s all about “hittin’ it hard”.

Now that we’re back from the commercial, Cat decides to recap the girls first. The first person in the finale is none other than……….LACEY! Will Sabra or Lauren join her? We’ll find out after one break or another.

There’s another commercial…..

The guys performances were recapped next. The first guy in the finale is none other than………. DANNY!

Then this: Cat announces they have some “bad news” for the studio audience. The audience is already upset, even though they don’t know what’s going on. “As you know, tonight we are not broadcasting live. The show you’re watching at home was recorded on Thursday. This is so that the top four have time to rehearse for the finale.” Well — wouldn’t they have had the exact same amount of time if the show was broadcast last week? I get it — they weren’t going to be able to broadcast, but did the show anyway. Okay. Sounds all right. Except this part’s not going to sit right with the audience: “To protect the integrity of the show and ensure the viewers at home get the results at the same time as everybody else, we’ve decided to clear the studio and create a lockdown situation, before we reveal who your votes have sent home.” Wow. Cat says “lockdown situation” like there’s been a bomb threat.

The boos start to rain down as Cat asks the audience to leave.

Back from the break, the theatre is indeed empty. Everyone’s gone home except for “the essential crew”.

The girls are about to find out their fates: which one will make it into the finale, will it be Sabra or Lauren?

The answer is…….. SABRA!

Which means that Lauren won’t be making it to the finale.

The judges do their best to make their applause fill up the entire hall (it’s actually really funny to listen to!).

Cat asks the judges what they think. Nigel says, “Lauren knows, I’ve said before, that Lauren was always going to be one of my favourite dancers in this competition. She should be very proud of herself to be here now.” He says she peaked a little too late for the public. Mary says she loved Lauren from the second she saw her, and has graced the stage with “class” and “elegance.” Debbie spouts some of her nonsense about how Lauren has been part of a show that has “evangelized” dance and so the world will know her name. I do not believe any of these things to be true. But Debbie’s so nice. Lauren says she had a wonderful time performing for everyone, and it’s the best opportunity she’s ever had.

Now the guys turn to find out who will make it and who won’t be making it, will it be Pasha or Neil?

The guy making it to the finale is…………. NEIL!

I was actually quite surprised by Pasha going home. I was sure he was going to make it!!

Neil almost doesn’t react at first — I think he was genuinely surprised. Pasha accepts the verdict with grace.

Nigel tells him that he’s grown every week and is a wonderful partner. “Outside of your dancing, you’re such a warm, charismatic person,” he says, adding that Pasha is a “charming gentleman” and was a pleasure to have on the show. Cat points out that Pasha’s one of her favourites. “He is one of my favourites, and it is really hard,” she says, waving a hand in front of her face. She calls him a “great ambassador” for ballroom dancing, and she is genuinely near tears. Awww. Debbie goes on about ten and a half million people knowing his name, and so he should take some acting lessons because there’s no end of the road for him, and blah blah blah. Yep, ten and a half million people know his name, Debbie, and those ten and a half million people liked the other two guys better.

Make sure to check out the finale on wednesday and thursday, both days at 8.

See you soon.

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Benji on the SYTYCD Top 6

Posted by g3tech on August 10, 2007

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So You Think You Can Dance – Top 6

Posted by g3tech on August 10, 2007

Welcome back to SYTYCD, where we find ourselves only ONE week from our finale.

Each dancer is going to be performing 3 times tonight – twice partnered and once in solo.

Remember, this week, your votes decide who will be in the finale!!!!

Joining our panel for the second time is Ms. Debbie Allen.

First off is Pasha & Lacey! They’re dancing hip hop and the smooth waltz. Their hip hop choreographer is Dave Scott. Lacey is a mannequin and she’s going to come alive and dance with Pasha. The song is “In The Morning” by Junior Boys. Both the performance and the choreography is amazing!! Pasha surprised the hell out of me with his hip hop and his nerdy glasses. Nigel thought it was danced very well and they brought their characters to life. Mary couldn’t believe it. Debbie thought they brought a lot of energy and they brought it, and most importantly of all, why they’re still in the competition. BECAUSE BOTH OF THEM FREAKIN ROCK!!!!!

The first solo is Sabra (song: “Rock Your Soul” by Elisa — I just wanted to point out that Elisa is the singer of Lacey & Kameron’s top 20 contemporary routine)

Next up is Danny & Lauren who will be dancing contemporary and disco. Who will be choreographing their contemporary routine, why, none other than Mia Michaels. It’s an alien experiment type thing. The song is “Then You Look At Me” by Celine Dion. It was an incredible performance and choreography. The contemporary, with both of them, was absolutely fantastic. Nigel thought it was absolutely incredible and Mary screamed and thought it was terrific and a treat and they both got tickets on the hot tamale train. Debbie thought it was passion and perfection personified, and said they danced with such power, grace, technique and emotion and they’re a choreographers’ dream, let’s not forget the part where she says they should get an Oscar.

The second solo is Pasha (song: “Total Eclipse of the Heart” by Bonnie Tyler).

The being know as the “commercial break” has fallen upon us. NOO!!

We’re back and Neil & Sabra are going to be dancing jazz and paso doble. Their jazz choreographer is Mandy Moore. It’s an 80’s jazz where they’re each fighting to get their way. The song is “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” by Eurythmics. It was really great. I really enjoyed it. Nigel is worried because he hopes that the choreographies and the performancesin the finale will be as good as they were this week. And he thought it was incredible. Mary thought they were both incredible (and she couldn’t stop smiling). Debbie thought that that was the way to do it.

The third solo is Lauren (song: “Sorry” by Maria Mena)

After the break, round two starts.

It begins with Pasha & Lacey doing a smooth waltz. Hunter Johnson is their choreographer. Their song is “A Daisy in December” by Mick McAuley & Winifred Horan. It was incredibly elegant and beautiful and I enjoyed it very much. Nigel thought that everything was beautiful. Mary thought it was dreamlike and beautiful and touching. Debbie thought that it was a love story.

The fourth solo is Neil (song: “Out of My Hands” by Dave Matthews Band).


Danny & Lauren will be performing a disco routine, choreographed by Doriana Sanchez, to the song “Don’t Leave Me This Way” by The Communards. It was fast paced, it was 70’s and it was awesome!!! Nigel comments on how tough it was and said it was incredibly enjoyable to watch. Mary thought that it was so much fun. Debbie said that since they had fun, we had fun and said they were well paired.

The fifth solo is Lacey (song: “Le Disco” by Shiny Toy Guns).

Once again, we take a break.

Lastly, Neil & Sabra take on the paso doble. Which is choreographed by Tony Meredith. The song is “Espana Cani” by Juan & Gennaro. It was fabolous and I thought it was great. Nigel thought it was stunning and he thinks there is a possibility one of them may win the competition. Mary thought it was tough and they did tremendous and they’re both back on the train. Debbie was thrilled and she thanked them.

The last solo of the night is Danny (song: “The Fear You Won’t Fall” by Joshua Radin)


My prediction: Neil & Lauren might be leaving the competition.

The guy and the girl with the least amount of votes will be going home on the “special” results show on Monday at 8. And the other 4 contestants will be in the finale.


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So You Think You Can Dance – Top 8 Results Show

Posted by g3tech on August 10, 2007

The group dance opens the show to the song “Get Up” by Ciara. It was choreographed by Shane Sparks. And it was crazzzzzy!!!!!!

The results are up after the break.

Actually the solos are, starting with the girls, here we go:

1) Sara (song: “Get It Off” by Big Daddy Kane)

2) Lacey (song: “I’m Doing Everything” by Rocket Summer)

3) Sabra (song: “Better Not Touch” by Shemekia Copeland)

4) Lauren (song: “Last Night” by P. Diddy ft. Keyshia Cole)

The break is over and the guys are up:

5) Neil (song: “Better Man” by James Morrison)

6) Danny (song: “Fever” by Elvis Presley)

7) Dominic (song: “She’s A Bad Mama Jama (She’s Built, She’s Stacked))

8) Pasha (song: “Scott and Fran’s Paso Doble from Strictly Ballroom (soundtrack))

After the break, we’re going to be told the results. No really. We are. Stop laughing. I’m telling you the truth.

The show has returned and the girls are lined up first.

Out of Sara and Lacey, who is in the bottom 2 girls? It’s Sara. I’m not surprised, Lacey has waaaay more fans than her.

Out of Sabra and Lauren, who is in the bottom 2 with Sara? It’s Lauren. Once again, I’m not surprised, because Sabra is freakin amazing.

—–America absolutely got it right!!!!!!——

The guys are gonna be linin up after the break. It’s gonna be really hard to call this one, I don’t think I’ll even be able to say whether America got it right or not, well let’s see. Although I have to say from last night, my favorite two guys were Pasha and Neil (even though I love Dominic!!).

Out of Neil and Danny, who will be in the bottom 2 guys? Unfortunately, it’s Neil.

Out of Dominic and Pasha, who will be joining Neil? It’s Dominic.

—-America didn’t get it right because NEIL SHOULD’VE BEEN SAFE!!!!——

One Republic performs their song “Apologize”.

Commercial and results are after the break…

The bottom 4 is Lauren & Sara and Neil & Dominic.

After 8 million votes, the girl going home is Sara.

The boy going home is Dominic.

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So You Think You Can Dance – Top 8

Posted by g3tech on August 10, 2007

This recap of the top 8 is coming a bit late since I haven’t been home to write the recaps but have no fear in the next four hours of my life (my own little SYTYCD marathon), I will be caught up with all the going-ons in the SYTYCD world and I’ll have the first of three recaps for today, right here. Yes, right in this post. Don’t believe me, read on.

Anyways, in my world, not yours, unless of course, like me, you haven’t watched for the last two weeks (which deserves a nice “shame on you” by the way), there are 8 dancers left.

Once again joining our panel tonight is Mr. Adam Shankman, who’s the director/choreographer of Hairspray which is one hell of a happy fantastic dancing/singing bonanza of fun. Go see it.

Each couple is performing two dances tonight. The dance world is getting exciting.

First couple up is Danny & Sara (unfortunately for Danny, his wish didn’t come true – he was hoping for Britney Spears as his partner, oh well). They’re gonna be dancing the argentine tango and hip hop (two polarly opposite dances). Alex Da Silva is their choreographer for the tango. The song is “Whatever Lola Wants (Gotan Project Remix)” by Sarah Vaughan & Gotan Project. Will they bring the sexy to the dance floor? Hmm… I definetly thought so and I think it was pretty hot (although, for some reason, I felt like there was a bit lacking but otherwise it was great). Adam thought it could’ve been a mismatch but it turned out to be un-beepin-real and he said that Sara is the most transformed dancer on the show and Danny is the best male dancer ever on the show. Mary loved it and Nigel would’ve liked a bit more from Sara and thought that Danny’s pirouettes were ridiculous.

After the break, Dominic & Lauren are going to be krumping (and later on they will be doing the rumba). Lil C is their krump choreographer. The song is “I Get Money” by 50 Cent. I definetly see a lot of attitude from both of them and it was a cool dance but I didn’t feel anything different towards them in terms of their dance skill. Adam thought they were hot and they were in character and that the dance didn’t really show them off as dancers but he still gives them two thumbs up. Mary felt that the first half had a lot of energy but the second half died down a little. Nigel felt that, with Krumping, it’s supposed to be tougher than hip hop, but he didn’t feel that. He also disliked the song and called it unrhythmical.

Next up is going to be Neil & Lacey with something called a “latin jazz” routine and, for their second dance, contemporary. Maria Torres is their choreographer. The song is “Acid” by Ray Barretto. And Neil is dancing without a shirt, the ladies are screaming no doubt. I thought it was pretty hot. Adam said that if Neil gets a lot of votes, this show is going to become “So You Think You Can Dance In The Nude?” (If I’m not mistaken all the guys, except maybe Dominic have all danced without a shirt at some point in the competition). Adam loved it and thought they were beautiful dancers and gives it two thumbs up. Mary thought the chemistry wasn’t there and thought some of the latin dancing lacked. Nigel loved the music, loved the choreography but not their performance. And he felt that they danced like dance school pupils.

And last up, is Pasha & Sabra doing some broadway and the quick step. Their broadway choreographer is none other than Tyce DiOrio. It’s going to be a wild party, will it really? Well it’s going to be a party because the song is “A Wild Wild Party” by The Wild Party (off broadway cast). But how will their performance be? I really enjoyed it. Adam thought that he was surprised and they got what he’d been talking about all along “character and overall performance”. And they got it. He also thought that Sabra was mindblowing. Mary thought that Pasha was also amazing. And she loved all of it. Nigel thought that they proved why they were here and he said that it was another great choreography by Tyce.

After the break, round 2 of the dances are heading our way, starting with….

Danny & Sara with some hip hop, choreographed by Shane Sparks to the song “Push It” by Salt-N-Pepa. At some points, I felt that they were completely out of sync and, for most of it, they weren’t together. It definetly wasn’t what I had expected. I think Sara brought it and Danny didn’t but it was hard to tell especially when they weren’t together. Adam thought that, first of all, they must’ve been punk’d by wardrobe, and that they were awesome and that they are the most versatile couple. Mary didn’t feel it, she thought it wasn’t hard-hitting enough. Nigel felt that they both went for it but they didn’t get there together.

Second couple of round 2 is Dominic & Lauren with a rumba, choreographed by Tony Meredith to the song “Ain’t No Sunshine” by Bill Withers. Will they indeed raise the temperature? Let’s check it out. Wow! I really enjoyed it although I don’t know how their technique was, I thought that the dance was hot. Adam thought that they had a lot of chemistry but he felt that it didn’t look like a rumba. Mary felt that it was a little too stiff and she felt mixed. Nigel enjoyed the wardrobe and agreed with Mary and added that the choreographers change their choreography towards the dancers instead of having the dancers going up to the choreographers’ level.

Lacey & Neil are going to be performing a very emotional Mia Michaels’ contemporary routine. The story is a reunion in heaven between Mia and her father who she lost to lung cancer. Lacey represents Mia and Neil represents her dad. Both of the dancers feel like they must do it well for Mia. Will they? The song is “Time” by Billy Porter. That really did it for me! I truly, truly FELT that routine and it was absolutely beautiful. It also seems that Lacey is in all of my favorite of Mia’s routines. Adam thanked Mia for that routine and he loved what they did and said it’s going to go down as one of the great dance performances on television. Mary drew them a heart (and was crying) and Nigel tells us that Mia, who is Emmy nominated for her Heidi & Travis park bench routine from last season and he wonders how she could’ve choreographed a meeting between their late father and themselves and then just ask you to dance as if no one was watching. And he said they both did it and they danced with emotion and he was touched by it and it was one of the most beautiful things he has ever seen. MY FAVORITE ROUTINE OF THE NIGHT!!!!

Ending the night is Pasha & Sabra with the dance of death, the quickstep, choreographed by Tony Meredith. The song is “Mr. Pinstripe Suit” by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. I thought they absolutely brought it!! It was really awesome!! Adam thought that it was awesome. Mary said it was an incredibly difficult routine and they just tore it up. Nigel thought that they were the best couple of the night.

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So You Think You Can Dance – Top 10 – Results

Posted by g3tech on July 26, 2007

The show immediately begins with their group performance to the song “The Moment I Said It” by Imogen Heap. Which was choreographed by Mia Michaels.

Cat reminds us that the guy and the girl with the least amount of votes will be leaving tonight, solely on your votes, the judges are no longer deciding who is going.

Apparently, last night, Mia offended the U.S. Marines with her jacket, nice.

The results are coming up after the break. Yay.

Before we get our results, Mika performs (wearing some blue pants) and, surprisingly enough, the drummer looks just like Sabra. Weird.

There’s going to be a bottom 4 (2 guys and 2 girls) who will then performs solos.

The girls start — Sabra, Jaimie, Lacey, Lauren and Sara.

Sabra’s safe. That’s awesome, I love her, she’s amazing.

Jaimie’s in the bottom 4 (bottom 2 girls). She’s a great dancer but she really hasn’t got a fan base (ESPECIALLY since Hok got eliminated)

Lacey is, to absolutely no surprise, safe.

There’s two girls left: Lauren and Sara, who will fill the last spot? We’ll find out after the break.

After 6.5 million votes, Sara’s safe. Lauren is in the bottom 4. Somewhat surprising because last night she did really good but before that I have to say I didn’t really see anything amazing in her.

The guys turn now — Neil, Danny, Dominic, Kameron and Pasha.

Neil, just like his partner, Sara, is safe. Not surprised.

Danny’s safe as well.

Dominic, to my surprise, was in the bottom. I know he lacked in technique (especially last night) but I know that he was a lot of people’s favorite guy (when he and Sabra were together, I thought a good chunk of the votes towards them was for him, but now I know they were for Sabra)

After the break we’ll find out if Kameron or Pasha is in the bottom.

Kameron is in the bottom, while Pasha is safe. I’m not really surprised especially after what they said last night about Kameron. But I think he was stronger when he was with Lacey (even though Lacey was stronger than him). And now, that there is only strong dancers left, we’re starting to see the flaws in his dancing. And since everyone just loves and enjoys Pasha, I’m not surprised he’s safe, I like him too. Now, since Kameron is in the bottom, Lacey is the only person never to be in the bottom.

The solos start:

Jaimie is first… it’s a nice little piece.

Dominic is next….. some great classic b-boy (song: “It’s Just Begun”)

Lauren’s up…. an interesting contemporary routine, although I’m not sure if her style is hip hop or contemporary… she should make up her mind (song:”I Can Only Imagine by Mercyme)

Kameron is last…. a good hip hop routine (“Oh Timbaland” by Timbaland”)

Who will be leaving: Jaimie or Lauren, and Dominic and Kameron.

The girls’ results are first: JAIMIE is leaving the competition to no surprise to me (because of the reason I explained before, about her fan base)

And the guys’ results: KAMERON is leavin’. I’m happy Dominic’s staying but I’ll miss him and his hair.

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So You Think You Can Dance – Top 10!!!!

Posted by g3tech on July 25, 2007

Welcome to the SYTYCD top 10 performance show!!! These 10 dancers will be the ones on the tour (no, Hok and Jessi won’t be there). And, this week, we have a new (contemporary) couple — Jaimie & Danny.

Tomorrow night (and until pretty much the end), the bottom guy and the bottom girl, according to America (no longer according to the judges), will be going home.

The guest judge this week is Mia Michaels.

Cat tells us that we will be voting individually and everyone will be performing the same solo, choreographed by, everyone’s favorite choreographer, Wade Robson. (They’re still doing a couple performance AND this solo).

Just a reminder: The couples have now been chosen randomly, so it’s probably gonna be interesting (This also means that Lacey & Kameron will probably not be together anymore, what’s gonna happen? We’ll see.)

Who’s couple #1 in our show tonight? It’s going to be Lauren and…… Pasha! They’re doing some hip hop (which is Lauren’s style), choreographed by Shane Sparks. (song: “Fuego” by Pitbull). It’s a really crazy robotic hip hop routine, it’s pretty awesome. 100% in sync and they both danced it amazingly. It’s completely out of Pasha’s style but I couldn’t tell, this REALLY tells me that he is VERY versatile which is exactly what this show is about, because hip hop is the polar opposite of latin dancing.Nigel said that he was the best russian hip hop dancer on the show and Mary said that it was a great beginning to the show and they had a great connection. Mia said that he pulled it off and Lauren is blowing up (in a good way).

The song for the solos is “Waiting on the World to Change” by John Mayer. It’s about world peace. And, as I mentioned before, choreographed by Wade.

First solo is performed by Jaimie.

Commercial break…..yawn…….

Second solo is performed by Dominic.

Next couple up is Sabra and…… Kameron! They’re doing a Wade Robson contemporary. They both have the awesomest hair in the competition. (song: “Amazing Grace” by Crystal Lewis). They were a very tiny bit out of sync but it really wasn’t easy to notice. I thought it was a beautiful routine. Nigel thought it was well danced but he didn’t believe Kameron. Mary said that they didn’t see the magic between them. Mia thought that Kameron’s damcomg was “immature”.

Third solo is performed by Sara.

Yet another commercial break…….

Fourth solo is performed by Pasha.

The couple that is up next is Lacey and……. Danny!!! Wow!! This’ll be an interesting dance!!! This is gonna be a samba and is choreographed by last year’s Dmitri. This is supposed to be incredibly hot and intimate. (song:”Hip Hop Chin Gin” by Club des Belugas). I thought that it was pretty hot, but i felt that there was a tiny something that was missing but it was very good. Nigel thought that what Danny lacked in technique he made up for in performance. Mary thought that Danny lacked in technique tonight and thought that Lacey was fabolous. Mia said it was the sexiest dance this season, Danny is the stallion of dance and Lacey was amazing.

Fifth solo is performed by Lauren.


Sixth solo is performed by Neil.

Seventh solo is performed by Sabra.

The commercial break begins….

And ends…. 

Eighth solo is performed by Kameron

The next couple shall be Jaimie and……. Dominic!!! They’re doing a Viennese Waltz, choreographed by Toni Redpath. This dance is supposed to have a bit of latin flavor. I enjoyed it and thought that it was good. Nigel was disappointed by Dominic (with his character and everything). Mary thought that it was waaaay over the top and there wasn’t good chemistry. Mia said that the technique really wasn’t there with Dominic and Jaimie keeps her mouth open too much.


Ninth solo is performed by Lacey.

Tenth (and final) solo is performed by Danny.

Guess what? Commercial. Nooo!

The final couple is Sara…. and who’s left? Neil. Their dance is none other than that fabolous disco stuff. The choreographer is Doriana Sanchez. (song: “Knock on Wood” by Rachel Stevens). There’s some really great moves in this routine, I love it. I really enjoyed that dance, it was awesome!! Nigel loved it and thought it was really entertaining. Mary thought it was really fun. Mia loved it as well.

This was certainly an interesting night — some couples soared and some didn’t do as well as expected. But now, it’s no longer about the couples, it’s about individual performances.

The judges now critique all the solos at one time, they begin:

Nigel felt that Jaimie has a single emotion (no dinamism). Mary felt her expression. Mia thought she danced it well but she doesn’t feel it.

Nigel thought that Dominic was a bit tight but he felt the emotion. Mary thought that some of the technique was lacking. Mia thought that it was believable.

Nigel said that Sara is small but she should make her dancing bigger. Mary said it grabbed her. Mia loved it.

Nigel thought that Pasha showed no emotion. Mary surprised her. Mia thought it was overdramatic.

Nigel said that Lauren was on the music and she was the first person to come forward with hope. Mary felt it all and thought she’s blosomming. Mia thought it was fabolous, beautiful, awesome…

Nigel felt that Neil didn’t show enough emotion and he lifts his shoulders up sometimes. Mary agreed with him. Mia agreed with them as well.

Nigel said that Sabra was small but she danced really large. Mary bowed to her. Mia decided that Sabra is her favorite.

Nigel felt let down earlier by Kameron but thought that he was terrific and gave emotion and danced really well. Mary connected with it and thought he did a great job. Mia thought he applied to what she said earlier to his solo.

Nigel said that Lacey is great at everything and it was tremendous. Mary thinks she can dance and she is a class act. Mia thought she was killin’ it but she still wanted a bit more.

Nigel thought that Danny was the first one to be smooth but he should be careful to stay on the music, but he wanted more emotion. Mary thought he gives more emotion each time, and danced effortless and she felt him. Mia’s goal is to get him to show his emotion and thinks he can be in the books if he breaks whatever is holding him down then he can go “beyond, beyond, beyond…”

Mika is performing tomorrow night. Stay tuned.


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So You Think You Can Dance – Top 12 – Elimination

Posted by g3tech on July 19, 2007

Top 12 elimination night….. 

The show begins with a “Candyman”-type (presumably swing or cha cha) routine, choreographed by Jean-Marc Genereux. They’re wearing army uniforms. The song is “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy”.

The first 2 couples are: Sabra & Dominic and Anya & Danny. I’m absolutely certain it’s going to be Anya & Danny in the bottom. And, I, of course, was right. But, as I always say, and as Mary just said, the judges are not going to let them go home.

Next 2 couples: Jaimie & Hok and Sara & Pasha. I’m calling Jaimie & Hok in the bottom. I can’t believe I was right!!!

From the last 2 couples: Lauren & Neil and Lacey & Kameron, which one will be safe? I’m gonna say Lacey & Kameron will be safe (and if they’re safe, then they’ll be the only 2 people never to be in the bottom, if they are in the bottom, which I hope they’re not, then everyone will have been in the bottom). I’m right of course!!!

Jason Samuel Smith, one of the world’s best tappers (supposedly), is performing. It’s great!!! This guy has some great moves and some nice tricks. I loved it. Enrique Iglesias is perfoming later on in the show.

Nigel tells us that Mia and Wade were nominated for Emmys!!! Exciting!! 

The solos shall begin NOW:

1) Anya – her strongest solo so far (song: “Proud Mary” by Ike & Tina Turner)

2) Danny – it was strong just like all his other solos (but with a shirt this time) (song: “Never Felt This Way” by Brian McKnight)

3) Jaimie – a very strong contemporary piece, showing off her best asset (her extensions)(song: “One Moment More” by Mindy Smith)

4) Hok – a nice routine showing off his skills (song: “Black Devil Car” by Jamiroquai)

5) Lauren – she’s definetly come a long way since her first solo (song: “Walk Away” by Christina Aguilera)

6) Neil – another excellent strong contemporary routine (song: “Harder To Breathe” by Maroon 5)

In my opinion, everyone had a strong solo, it’s going to be interesting.

The girls are first and they’re not unanimous

Jaimie, first, they tell her that her solo was only ok but she’s safe,

Lauren, is told, that she never really reached her potential,

Anya, is told, that finally she gave her solo energy….

….BUT IT WASN’T ENOUGH —- ANYA IS LEAVING!!! WOW!! I CAN’T believe the judges would eliminate part of their favorite couple

The guys now….and they were unanimous

Hok is told that he is unique (but not diverse enough, and not as diverse as the other b-boy and b-girl on the show) but it is the end of his journey!!!

The top 10 is comprised of: (in no particular order)

Girls: Lauren, Jaimie, Lacey, Sara and Sabra

Guys: Neil, Danny, Kameron, Pasha and Dominic

Next week, we’ll meet our new couples, see you then…..

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So You Think You Can Dance – Top 12

Posted by g3tech on July 19, 2007

With only one week to our top 10, this week’s dances should be quite fantastic. Let’s see…

Cat reminds us that after this week, the couples will have to randomly choose their partners.

On to our judges, on the panel this week, is none other than super-amazing-ultra-fantastic choreographer Wade Robson. But since Wade is on the panel, that means he won’t be choreographing anything this week…

Each couples’ little video, this week, is going to be about what they think of each other. That should be interesting…

Sabra & Mr. D-Trix (Dominic, for all you fools) are gonna be opening the show this week, with a jive (which Anya & Danny did a while back). Sabra says that the worst thing about Dominic is that he drops her a lot and then Dom says that the worst thing about Sabra is that she doesn’t trust him with lifts and stunts because, according to him, he takes good care of her. AHH, how I love TV!! Tony Meredith is choreographing this little number. Their song is “I Do The Jerk” by Ryan Shaw. I found it quite entertaining and if you notice carefully, Sabra’s earring fell off and, at the end, Dominic fell off the stage and Sabra was all shocked but then Dom pops up, in front of the camera, and is all groovy. Everything’s chill here folks. They never stopped for a second, even when she lost her earring. Wade loves how they’re always focused and having fun, Mary thought that it was a great way to start the show and Mary compared them to Mt. Everest climbers. Nigel tells them, that besides Benji and Heidi, that they’re the best partners on the show. Nice.

My prediction: SAFE!!!

Jaimie & Hok, ze next ones, with a Tyce DiOrio broadway routine, alright this’ll be interesting. It appears that Jaimie split her toe open last week (that must’ve hurt…) This is supposed to be an older, classic musical piece, where Hok is an old man and he wants to dance (but he can’t) and Jaimie is his spirit (and he wishes that he can dance like her). Their song is “Mr. Bojangles” from Fosse (original broadway cast). I think they played their parts decently (their hummingbird/flower routine characters were better), and I thought it was nice (but not great or fantastic). Wade told Hok that he didn’t really connect with his character (he seemed more like a young boy than an old man) and tell Jaimie that she’s improved over the last few weeks. Mary didn’t really like it and she enjoyed Jaimie but thought that Hok lacked. Nigel thought that Jaimie’s lines were great but Hok was a bit of a disappointment. Wade adds that with this routine and his previous routine, there may have been a problem with Hok’s nerves.

My prediction: BOTTOM 3!!!!

Sara & Pasha, may think they can dance, but will they after they jazz? We’ll see. We also learn that both of them take a long time to get ready. Their choreographer is Mandy Moore and she’s a great fan of “jazz hands” and jazz hands are the most important part of their routine. The song is “Body Language” by Queen. It was a really strong performance and it was hot! A really great performance. Wade really liked the choreography, and comments on both of their versatility (and their being out of their style). Mary thought they did a great job. Nigel questions whether they gave off enough emotion for the audience and compliments Mandy on her choreography.

My prediction: SAFE!!!!

Lauren & Neil, after an amazing Wade choreography last week, will be doing a Mia Michaels contemporary routine, this week. From their video, we learn that, according to Lauren, Neil bombs at all his jokes, and Neil doesn’t like how Lauren never laughs at his awesome jokes. We also see just how brutal Mia Michaels’ choreography is to the body. Their song is obviously “Let The Drummer Kick” by Citizen Cope. I really quite enjoyed the outfits — winter hats, and swimming goggles, with dress shirts and a tie. There were a few moments where they weren’t completely in sync and I didn’t find it quite that amazing, but it definetly wasn’t bad but I think there may have been something missing — I’m not sure if it has to do with their performance or the choreography. Wade feels like Neil has really come alive the last few weeks and that their performance was extremely well executed. Mary wasn’t sure about the story but she liked it (she said it wasn’t great but it was good). Nigel thought it was the most technically difficult routine they’d seen tonight but he wasn’t sure if he’d enjoyed it because he wasn’t sure what it was about, he didn’t particularly enjoy it. Lauren explains what the story was… it was whatever you want it to be, Lauren chose for it to be “bank robber meets plumber”. Nigel adds that he didn’t enjoy the story that he had created from it.

My prediction: BOTTOM 3!!!!!

Anya & Danny, who were in the bottom last week, and who I still don’t enjoy, will be dancing the foxtrot next. Their video was really boring…. but we learnt, that last week, Anya had injured her ankle. Jean-Marc Genereux, a.k.a. Mr. Frenchie, will be choreographing them. Their song is “It Had To Be You” by Brian Evans. I have to admit, even though I don’t really like them to start with, I just didn’t enjoy the performance at all (maybe I just didn’t get it). Wade has never been moved by Danny before, but now he’s been moved by Danny and he thought Anya was beautiful (CAN’T THE JUDGES DISLIKE THEM FOR ONCE!!) Mary wasn’t surprised at how great they (supposedly) were and Anya was beautiful was elegant, and she screamed and thought it was the best of the night AND, of course, she has to remind that they have first class tickets on her train. Nigel thought that it was the best foxtrot ever! AND he added that “Dancing With The Stars” is going to have to rename to Dancing With The Celebrities because…. the stars are on this show.

My prediction: BOTTOM 3!!

Wrapping up the show is none other than Lacey & Kameron who are gonna be dancing hip hop. I expect it to blow me away, will it? Their choreographer is Dan Karaty (no Shane Sparks, maybe next week?) The scenario is boy-chasing-girl but the girl is nasty and the boy is shy and afraid to approach her. Apparently this is a role reversal. They’re dancing to Fergie’s “Here I Come”. I thought that it was hot (and Lacey was better than Kameron yet again). It was captivating, and at the end, Kameron kissed another girl. Oooo…. (Just kiddin) Wade thought that Kameron didn’t really dance IN the music and Lacey was a great performer but her emotion may be only one-dimentional but he didn’t really get that fire. Mary understands what Wade is saying about Kameron but she thinks that Lacey is right on. Nigel didn’t think that Kameron really brought it.

My prediction: SAFE!!!

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