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Fall TV Shows ’07 – Part 3 – NBC

Posted by g3tech on July 4, 2007

New Shows:

Journeyman (Mon 10:00 – 11:00) – Drama – “Dan Vasser thought he had it all: a loving wife, a great son and a steady job. But life suddenly throws him a curve ball. Dan finds himself traveling into the past with a purpose – impacting people’s lives for the better – and sometimes the worse. While doing so, Dan reconnects with Livia Beale, his ex-fiancée whom he lost in a mysterious plane crash. Now armed with the knowledge of the present, will he be able to save her? What would that mean to his own future? And how would it change a man who thought he had it all?” Starring: Kevin McKidd (Dan Vasser), Brian Howe (Hugh Skillen), Gretchen Egolf (Katie Vasser), Moon Bloodgood (Livia Beale), Reed Diamond (Jack Vasser), Charlie Wyson (Zack Vasser)

Chuck (Tue 9:00 – 10:00) – Drama – “Chuck Bartowski is just your average computer-whiz-next-door. He spends his days working for Buy-More with his band of nerdy cohorts, longing to find a woman who can appreciate him. But when an old friend, who happens to be a CIA agent, sends Chuck a mysterious encoded email, the world’s greatest spy secrets are embedded into his brain. He never asked to become the government’s most powerful weapon, but the fate of the country suddenly lies in his unlikely hands. Hopefully, this won’t take away from his video game time! International terrorist plots, sexy spies and cold pizza – it’s all in a day’s work for our trusty hero…Chuck.” Starring: Zachary Levi (Chuck Bartowski), Yvonne Strzechowski (Sarah Kent), Joshua Gomez (Morgan Pace), Sarah Lancaster (Ellie Bartowski), Adam Baldwin (John Casey)

Bionic Woman (Wed 9:00 – 10:00) – Drama – “Struggling as a bartender and surrogate mom to her teen-aged sister, Jaime Sommers didn’t think life could get much harder. But when a devastating car accident leaves her at death’s door, Jaime’s only hope of survival is through a cutting-edge, top-secret technology that comes at a hefty price. With a whole new existence and a debt to repay, Jaime must figure out how to use her extraordinary abilities for good, while weighing the personal sacrifices she will have to make. Ultimately, it’s Jaime’s journey of self-discovery and inner strength that will help her embrace her new life as…The Bionic Woman.” Starring: Michelle Ryan (Jaime Sommers), Miguel Ferrer (Jonas Bledsoe), Molly Price (Ruth Treadwell), Will Yun Lee (Jae Kim), Chris Bowers (Dr. Will Anthros)

Life (Wed 10:00 – 11:00) – Drama – “Meet Detective Charlie Crews. Behind him sit tough years of hard prison time for a crime he didn’t commit. Ahead of him lie the challenges of a world that’s moved on without him. Now it’s time to walk through the painful cobwebs of his past and re-enter the scorn-filled halls of a job he loves. It’s no easy task, especially when his reluctant new partner is as jaded as Dani Reese. Charlie’s appreciation for life’s details not only offers up unique insights into each crime, it reminds us of all the little things we take for granted.” Starring: Damian Lewis (Charlie Crews), Sarah Shahi (Dani Reese), Adam Arkin (Ted Early), Robin Weigert (Lt. Karen Davis)

The Singing Bee (Tue 9:30) – Reality – Premieres July 10th – “The Singing Bee challenges contestants to accurately sing the lyrics to popular songs — when the band stops playing! Scored like a spelling bee, there is no middle ground for partially correct answers. Contestants must be perfect, or they’re out. Family-friendly, broad in appeal and conducive to playing (and singing) along at home, the show features popular, recognizable music that inspires hilarious wrong answers — and startling wonder from those pitch-perfect competitors who get every word right.”

Returning Shows:

My Name Is Earl

30 Rock


Football Night In America

Sunday Night Football


Friday Night Lights

Law & Order: SVU

Midseason Shows:

Baby Borrowers – Reality – “Baby Borrowers is a unique social experiment that takes five teenage couples on a rollercoaster ride of adult responsibility, allowing them to experience parenting firsthand. Desperate to have their own life and family, our lovebirds are thrown in at the deep end. They’re given real houses and real responsibilities — the most important of which is to look after children from a range of age groups. They’ll begin with an infant, followed by a toddler, pre-teen, young teenager, and lastly a senior citizen. In the end, will these couples be able to cope with the pressure of parenthood or will they break?”

Law & Order

Law & Order: CI

The It Crowd – Comedy – “You know those cool guys who charm the ladies, have tons of friends and get invited to the hottest parties? Roy and Moss are not those guys. A night of fun for these I.T. nerds means getting dressed to the nines for the latest iPhone webcast. But Jen, their new office manager, is going to change all that. Tech-savvy, she’s not, but she knows how to win people over and get ahead. After living for years in oblivion, Roy and Moss hope Jen can help them get the recognition they so desperately long for.” Starring: Joel McHale (Roy), Richard Ayoade (Moss), Jessica St. Clair (Jen), Rocky Carroll (Denholm)

Lipstick Jungle (Sun 10:00) – Drama – “Based on the best-selling book by Candace Bushnell (Sex and the City), this enticing new dramedy follows three high-powered friends as they weather the ups and downs of lives lived at the top of their game. Nico, editor-in-chief of a hot fashion magazine, has her eye on becoming CEO. Movie exec Wendy does everything she can to balance career and family. And free-spirited designer Victory longs to make her dreams come true, and maybe find Mr. Right along the way. Armed with humor and strength, these three modern New York women support one another through the triumphs and tears that are all part of making it big in The Big Apple.” Starring: Brooke Shields (Wendy Healy), Kim Raver (Nico Reilly), Lindsay Price (Victory Ford), Chris Wiehl (Shane Healy), David Alan Basche (Mike Harness), Julian Sands (Charles Lund), David Norona (Selden Rose)


World Moves – Reality – “From executive producer Randy Jackson and the creators of the World Hip Hop Championship comes the most captivating performance competition to hit TV. From around the world, thousands of dance teams will audition for their shot to come to Los Angeles and compete for an international touring contract. Each dance team will consist of five to seven members who will perform their own inventive routines set to today’s hottest pop music. They will also be challenged to create routines choreographed to musical themes assigned by guest stars and our panel of experts. Viewers from around the globe will eliminate one team each week by texting, emailing or calling into the show. Ultimately,World Moves is not just about winning a competition, but changing lives and bringing the world together.”

Fall Programs start Sept 24th


For more information about NBC’s fall lineup, click here

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